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Tips for Bathing, Potty Training, and Diapering your Baby

Stock up on all the essentials required for bathing, potty training, and diapering the newest members of your family. From baby bath tubs for infants to toilet stepstools for training toddlers, Best Buy offers a wide selection of products from trusted brands like aden + anais, Burt’s Bees, Safety 1st, BabyBjorn, and Aleva Naturals that help keep your growing little ones clean, comfortable, and dry.

1. Baby Bath Time Tips - Tubs & Suds

Bath time is a breeze with the right tools and tubs, and the gentlest baby shampoos, soaps and lotions. Newborns require a special slip-free bather that keeps them sturdy and upright, and some convertible or inflatable baby bath tubs help transition toddlers into using adult baths. Until little ones grow up to share your shampoo and soap preferences, ensure the ones you choose for them are mild, soothing, and irritant- and tear-free.

2. Baby Bath Time Tips - Toys & Towels

As your newborn grows into a toddler, add some bath toys to increase your little one's enjoyment of washing time; toys help keep kids occupied and happy while you lather them up. In between baths, it's easy to store toys away in a basket or hammock that attaches conveniently to the wall or side of the tub. When it's time to put an end to bath time fun, a soft hooded cotton muslin, bamboo or terry robe or towel is super absorbent and quick to get babies warm and dry.

3. Diapering Tips - Baby Diapers

Whether you choose cloth or traditional diapers, prepare to change them frequently. Washable, reusable cloth diapers can help you save money and the environment, and most feature a water-resistant shell and super-absorbent core to help keep your baby dry and comfortable after messes. One-time-use baby diapers can come compostable and biodegradable to give you the convenience of disposability with the consciousness of being environmentally-friendly. Cute and colourful diaper covers provide an extra layer of protection.

4. Diapering Tips - Wipes, Pails, & Accessories

To ensure your baby's health and comfort, diapering accessories like ointments, creams, and soft, gentle wipes are must-haves. These items are often enriched with natural oils to condition the skin and antibacterial properties that ensure cleanliness. Diaper changing pads provide a cushy and water-resistant surface for little ones to lie on, and make cleanup easier; while diaper pails keep smells contained and stop odours from spreading around the nursery. An organizer helps you keep all your essential changing items together in one convenient place.

5. Potty Training Tips - Potties

The right potty can help make your child as comfortable and confident as possible while they learn the ropes of a diaper-less world. Ergonomic designs, armrests and high backrests help little ones relax to ease the process. You can find potties with special places for wipes, toilet paper, and other washroom essentials, and splashguards that relieve some of the discomfort and mess. Some potties even feature sound modules that let you record encouraging words that will play when your child successfully uses the potty. Travel potties are compact and great to take on road trips. After they outgrow potties, children can transition to potty seats, which attach to adult toilets as the next step in potty training.

6. Potty Training Tips - Accessories

Step stools help little ones reach big kid toilets once they've transitioned away from the potty. They give just the right height boost for kids to safely and easily get up on the seat. Faucet extenders help little arms reach the sink so they can practice good hygiene habits on their own. Training pants are a big help in facilitating your little one's transition from diapers to big-kid underwear, and complete your mission of guiding your growing treasure into a self-sufficient elimination routine.