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What is a Coat Rack?

Coat racks offer an easy and aesthetic solution to organize your clothing and other accessories. Designed with practicality in mind, these racks give you the freedom to free-up space from your closet and wardrobe, allowing you to organize essentials in a way that maximizes utility and appeal.

Traditionally a part of the entry way décor, coat hangers are available in different sizes and profiles that can also be customized to suit your needs and space requirements. These multi-functional pieces can be placed in a convenient spot to leave your essentials and other accessories, as you enter, and grab them on the way out at your home or office.

A great looking wooden coat rack or metal coat rack set up in the entry way or hall allows you to hang jackets, winter coats, hats, ties, scarves, and other accessories. These racks can be kept in the bedroom, kids' playroom, and bathroom to hang clothing, towels, bathrobes, and small garments, and ensure that your belongings stay uncluttered.

Types of Coat Racks

Choosing the right type of coat rack - traditional, rustic, contemporary or modern - gives you the freedom to coordinate with your current home décor. Standing coat racks and wall mounted racks are two broad categories that you can choose from to add functionality and enhance the presentation of your home.

Coat Trees or Standing Coat Racks

Coat trees or standing coat racks are individual pieces on a sturdy base that look great at the entry way in your home or at the office. Aesthetically pleasing, standing coat racks feature either wooden or metal construction and are available in a wide spectrum of styles. Coat trees enhance the overall presentation and offer a great way to welcome guests and stash your accessories neatly. A coat rack with an umbrella stand offers a neat space to organize rainy day essentials and maintain a clean and dry entryway.

In addition to utility, these decorative pieces bring a classic touch to your home décor with their unique profile and style. When choosing a coat rack for your home, consider the current arrangement of the room, current furnishings in the room and then, the construction, size, colour, and material of the rack and finally, additional features that you would like In the rack.

Wall Mounted Coat Racks

Wall mounted coat racks allow you to utilize corner spaces in a practical and attractive way. Hybrid, cabinet-style wall mounted coat racks with a shelf and cabinet bench offer additional storage space for footwear and other accessories.

Coat Hangers & Hooks

Other similar types of coat hangers are coat hooks, which are great space-savers and are available as individual hooks or a plate with multiple hooks that offer effortless organization of garments and other items. Constructed from wood, metal or plastic, these hooks are highly customizable, portable and can be installed in any room. Coat hooks come in handy while storing ties, scarves, or even for hanging mittens and aprons in the kitchen.