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Perfect Your Workflow with a Desk Organizer

When your desk is a mess, it can be tough to work efficiently. Each little distraction clutters up your brain, and when you reach for something you need, it can take some time to find! Desk organizers are an essential way to keep a tidy workspace that's easy to navigate.

Why keep a tidy desk?

A well-chosen combination of desk organizers does more than just keep your desk clear. A clean desk looks calming and precise, helping you communicate an air of professionalism to clients, co-workers, and those around you. It also helps you focus on your work, without distractions cluttering your view of your screen and helping you stay tuned-in to the task at had.

You may think a business card holder just displays your name, but it also shows people who you are. Great desk accessories create a full image of how you see yourself: perhaps as a creative mind, or a respected boss. Your desk helps those you work with know what they can expect from you.

Must-have desk organizers

Business card holders are a popular desk item, but you're likely to interact with your file organizers or pen holders more often. These organizational tools are just for you, so they should look and feel exactly how you want them to.

There are many different kinds of items as simple as pencil cups. Are you someone who wants a square pen holder, finished in wood or leather, to show off your minimalist office space? Or perhaps you prefer a more traditional approach, with a plastic or wire mesh desk organizer? Still further, maybe you like to keep your desk perfectly clean, and all of your writing implements are hidden away in a pencil case in your desk drawer.

Other great desk organizer ideas

Desk organizers that will help you file and read documents are an excellent way to get more out of your day. The less time you spend looking for what you need, the more time you can spend on actually reading through it. Desktop file organizers and trays are a great way to arrange the files that are most relevant to your day.

Paperweights aren't as essential of an office desk items, but they still have a special place in the office. Glass paperweights are a popular way to add a creative element to your workspace, and can make a great gift when celebrating a new job or title. Each item on your desk speaks to who you are and how you do business, so why not have a little fun with it?