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Get the TV Content That’s Right For You

When you want to enjoy HD broadcasts on your HDTV, Best Buy gives you the power of choice with a selection of digital cable, digital satellite and IPTV devices. With providers such as Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Shaw, and Videotron to choose from, you’ll be able to enjoy HD viewing in no time with a cable or satellite box. You can even pick up an IPTV box to enjoy your favourite content through an existing Internet connection.

Satellite savvy

Digital satellite receivers are designed to receive television programming from a communications satellite using a built-in tuner in your set-top box. Most models support high-definition content and let you record, pause, rewind, and replay “live” TV, all with the best possible audio and visual quality.

Go digital

Digital cable boxes deliver your television programs to your HD TV with more channels and services than analog cable. And just like with satellite receivers, you’ll enjoy a wide selection of TV shows in HD, as well as video-on-demand and other specialty services from your content provider.

Go Online

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a system that uses the Internet to deliver your television broadcasting. This type of programming is designed to be faster and more secure. It also provides the freedom to do more than just watch TV with your device.