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FAQ About Electric Woks

It can be dizzying to watch a seasoned chef cook with a wok. They're maneuvering the wok, tipping it up and around; all while flames burst up and oil sizzles. But wok cooking doesn't have to be a fiery, sweat-inducing experience. Electric woks make cooking delicious Asian-themed dishes easy, safe, and convenient. Let's answer some questions about this popular kitchen staple.

What is an electric wok?

An electric wok is the same as a regular wok - a round-bottomed cooking vessel of Chinese origin - that can fry, boil, braise, steam, and stew. But the main difference is electric woks don't require a gas stovetop for heating. Electric models are plugged in to an outlet and feature a heat adjustment valve usually at the wok's base. Plus, electric woks don't require seasoning like conventional cast iron woks.

Why should you buy an electric wok?

Electric woks distribute heat more evenly than original woks, and give you better control over adjusting the cooking temperature. Electric woks also tend to use less cooking oil, which saves you money, and often feature non-stick surfaces that are easier to clean than a traditional steel or cast iron version.

What can you make with an electric wok?

The mouth-watering satay and noodle dishes that you get in Asian restaurants are most likely made with a wok. The meal most commonly associated with wok cooking is the stir fry, a saucy medley of meats, veggies, tofu, or noodles. Woks can also be used for making savoury soups and steaming foods like dumplings and buns.

What wok features should you consider?

Are you woking for one or are you feeding the entire family? Woks come in different capacities, usually measured in litres or quarts, so don't get one too big or too small for your cooking volume needs. As mentioned earlier, electric woks often feature non-stick coating to facilitate easy cleaning because a wok won't fit in your dishwasher. The best electric woks have a see-through lid, so you can better contain heat while keeping an eye on your food's progress. Now you're ready to wok n' roll!