A natural kind of cool.

Skip on the chemicals, save on your power bill, and stay chill with an evaporation cooler.

Cool the air with an evaporative cooler

What is an evaporative cooler?

An evaporative cooler is a small home appliance or portable device that cools the air around you through the evaporation of water. Dry air is pulled into the unit and passes through a pad that absorbs the water from a reservoir or pan you fill, then emits a small mist that can cool an area.

Evaporative coolers work just like perspiration, which secretes from your body when you get hot in order to cool you down. In the same way, evaporative coolers convert liquid water into vapor through the use of thermal energy in the air, thus lowering the temperature around you.

There are large evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, that can cool big spaces as well as small, portable evaporative coolers than can cool spaces from 33 square feet in size, like a desk, couch, or bed, up to 250 square feet in size to cover a small area. They are great for use in a bedroom, den, living room, office, or even outside on a patio.

How does an evaporative cooler differ from an air conditioner?

By contrast, an air conditioner uses vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycles in order to cool large areas or small spaces.

In both cases, the temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly using these room coolers, though evaporative coolers add more moisture into the air. This means that you might not want to use them in especially hot and humid climates as it could make the air feel muggy and lead to moisture build-up. This can, in turn, cause mold and mildew to grow. Air conditioners are better options in such climates.

To use an evaporative cooler, simply remove the water tank, clean, fill, and drain once done.

Cleaning an evaporative cooler is also necessary. The reservoir or pan should be cleaned regularly, and the unit should be drained at least weekly and left to dry before putting it back in. It’s a good idea to use an evaporative cooler during the afternoons and to leave the windows open a bit while doing so to provide a steady stream of fresh air.

What types of evaporative coolers are available?

Evaporative coolers come in different sizes, from small ones you can use at your office desk to large ones suitable for entire rooms; and finishes like white, silver, and black. Some offer additional functions like being able to also clean dust particles from the air and freshen stale air through an ionizer.

Many have multiple fan and wind speeds to customize cooling and come with a remote and display for control; newer models even support Alexa voice and app control. Some have 24-hour timers to shut off after a few hours once you get to sleep, for example. Other useful features include leakproof designs; some even come with an ice pack you can place in the freezer then put in the water to speed up the cooling process.