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Up your outdoor décor with a fire pit table

What is a fire pit table and where would you use one?

A fire pit table is the latest trend in fire pits. Rather than use a stylish but small circular or square fire pit to replace a hole in the ground, you get both a table you can use during the day and a fire pit you can use at night.

Fire pit tables are great on a deck or patio with chairs or in the centre of a patio sectional, essentially becoming the focal point of the space. You can enjoy extended time outdoors while having drinks, chatting with friends and family, or even playing card games or having dinner, turning the fire on when it gets chilly.

Fire pit tables not only provide warmth but also ambiance. And when the flat-top cover is placed over top, they transform into a table that can be used during the day (or even warm night) for board games, laying out food, resting drinks, and more.

Types of fire pit tables you can get

Stylish and eye-catching fire pit tables come in sizes from a small square that's good for warming two people to longer coffee table-sized tables around which larger groups can gather.

Made of materials like granite or marble, sometimes with the look of concrete, stainless-steel burners and ignition knobs let you easily turn them on or off and adjust the flame level to your liking. Some fire tables have unique features, like fire beads that glow when the heat is turned on to provide an inviting and visually appealing effect.

Since fire pit tables run on propane or natural gas, you need to buy a propane tank separately. Usually, a standard 20-lb. propane tank will do. Or, if you have a natural gas hook-up at home, run that to the table and buy the conversion kit separately. Fire pit tables range in BTUs from about 25,000 to 55,000 BTU, depending on the model, size, and price.

What you should know before getting a fire pit table

An outdoor fire pit table is a great smokeless and odourless alternative to a wood-burning fire pit. And with many regions having fire bans that forbid the use of wood-burning fires in your backyard, a propane or natural gas-powered fire pit or fire pit table might be the only option.

But even if you can use a wood-burning fire pit without breaking any by-laws, having a separate gas-enabled fire pit is still a great back-up for those nights when you run out of firewood, the firewood is wet, or you'd rather stay on the deck or patio, closer to the house.

Wherever the fire pit table is placed, make sure kids aren't playing nearby. Keep flammable items away, like paper towels and napkins. And always cover the fire pit table after each use, especially if it's going to rain. Many of them come with a rain cover included, making this simple.

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