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FAQ About High Chairs and Booster Seats

Once your baby can sit up straight and eat solid food it's time to get them their own little seat at the dinner table. A high chair or booster seat makes mealtime and snack time easier for you and safer for your little one. Just beware: Once you give your baby the high ground, projectile food is inevitable.

What are the main differences between a high chair and a booster seat?

High chairs are standalone units with their own legs, whereas booster seats are placed on a dining room chair. A booster seat with a tray takes up less space, is easier to store when not in use, and is nice and portable -- so you can take it to the restaurant or grandma's house. High chairs offer a greater range of features than booster seats and won't dirty up your dining chair with tons of crumbs and sneaky spills.

What are the different types of high chairs?

Traditional high chairs are simple and effective but can take up a lot of space in your home. Folding high chairs, meanwhile, can be easily tucked away between meal times. A convertible high chair will may feature a removable booster seat or convert into a toddler activity chair for playtime. Travel high chairs are essentially camping chairs designed specifically for a baby. That way your little one can be scooched up to the picnic table alongside the rest of the family.

What safety features should I look for when buying a high chair or booster seat?

The best high chairs and the best booster seats have essential safety features that keep your little one locked in nice and snug. Look for models with a crotch post and either a 3- or 5- point harness system. If you're buying a booster seat, make sure it can strap securely to the chair. If you're shopping for a high chair, look for models with lockable wheels and/or a wide base, for proper stability. Most models from top-tier brands such as Evenflo, Fisher Price, Summer Infant, and guzzie+Guss include these types of safety features.

What other features should I consider when buying a high chair or booster seat?

An adjustable tray is a must-have feature in a high chair or booster seat. You can slide the tray in close to baby while he's eating and adjust it as he grows bigger and bigger. Likewise, adjustable seat height lets you match the high chair to the height of your dinner table, or to the height of your own chair if you're feeding baby yourself.