iPhone 14 Pro

Pro. Beyond.

  • Maxing out the iPhone 14 Pro

    Bigger and bolder

    The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the larger of the two models under Apple’s Pro lineup, sporting a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display. That’s larger than the display size of 6.1-inches in the iPhone 14 Pro, making this among the biggest iPhones you can get your hands on right now.

    It continues to be a gorgeous display and gets even brighter than previous iPhones when outdoors. It can hit a peak brightness of 2000 nits, double what is typical for the screen in everyday usage. That could make it easier to read or see what you need anytime you’re outside and dealing with a lot of glare.

    The screen and back panel are made of tough Ceramic Shield glass that is four times more resilient than the glass Apple used in iPhones prior to the iPhone 12. The iPhone 14 Pro Max still has a physical SIM card slot in Canada. It also lets you use eSIM, an electronic SIM built into the phone, allowing you to connect to a carrier’s network without having to slide in a physical SIM card.

    The iPhone 14 Pro Max is among the first iPhones to include Emergency SOS via satellite.* When you don’t have reception, especially in a more remote location, this feature allows you to communicate with someone through satellites whenever you’re in Canada or the United States.

    A Dynamic Island

    Apple removed the notch at the top of the screen from previous iPhones, where the housing for the TrueDepth camera dropped down, cutting into the display. Now, there is a pill-shaped cutout that serves a dual purpose. Not only does it house the TrueDepth camera and proximity sensor, it also expands in size onscreen.

    That’s why Apple calls it Dynamic Island. It blends itself into the iOS interface to perform or confirm various tasks. When someone calls, it grows to show who’s calling along with buttons to answer or reject the call. Use Apple Pay, and it will expand to confirm successful payment. While on your way to a destination, Maps can pop up directions as you go to keep you on track.

    It also offers contextual information at a glance, like battery levels for AirPods or headphones, as well as sports scores, music playback, rideshare ride status, and notifications for some of your favourite apps. More apps will support the Dynamic Island going forward, leading to more potential features coming from Apple in future iOS updates.

    Even better camera specs

    The iPhone Pro Max is equipped with a new 48-megapixel sensor that is 65% larger than the one in the iPhone 13 Pro Max. With the extra space, low-light photos should come out looking better, sharper, and with improved colour. This phone will shoot photos at 12 megapixels using what is called pixel binning to combine pixels together to capture more light.

    You can shoot at the full 48-megapixel resolution in ProRAW, where you can take both your photography and photo editing to different levels. These images aren’t processed by the phone once captured, allowing you to decide how you want the photo to look afterward.

    Apple also includes an improved 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera that can capture low-light images up to 3x better than previous phones. That also affects the 12-megapixel telephoto camera, which should see a 2x improvement in low-light shots.

    For video, there’s a new Action mode that increases the stability of your footage, letting you move and stay with a subject without the scene “shaking” as you shoot. Cinematic mode returns from the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and now comes with support for 4K at 24fps, letting you shoot video like a film director.

    To complement its extensive features and safeguard your investment, consider enhancing your iPhone 14 Pro Max with a high-quality case. Protecting it from drops and scratches not only ensures it stays looking pristine but also maintains its functionality for all your adventures.

    Product disclaimer

    *Emergency SOS via Satellite: Available in November 2022. Service is included for free for two years with the activation of any iPhone 14 model. Connection and response times vary based on location, site conditions and other factors. See apple.com/ca/iphone-14 or apple.com/ca/iphone-14-pro for more information.