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When you want to take your iPhone to a different level

A Ceramic Shield framed with Titanium

The iPhone 15 Pro is one of Apple’s most advanced smartphones, along with the larger 15 Pro Max, featuring the latest technology from the company inside and out. This version comes with some key changes in both design and functionality that push the needle forward in performance and durability.

The tough Ceramic Shield that protects the 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR screen is back, and this time, new edges along the sides, top and bottom are made from titanium. The lightweight, yet very sturdy metal replaces the stainless steel edges from previous iPhones, helping to make the iPhone 15 Pro just a little more feathery in your hands by comparison. To safeguard the titanium body against wear and tear, consider a phone case. Opting for a clear case can protect while still showcasing the iPhone's sleek titanium design.

Design tweaks across the board culminate in slightly larger battery capacity, a faster processor that is smaller than any other smartphone, and improvements to the rear camera array. The biggest shift comes in the introduction of USB-C as the charging port to replace Lightning, letting you use the phone with devices and accessories in new, innovative ways.

Then there’s the Action Button, a new key above the volume controls that acts as a quick launcher for a favourite app, the camera or custom Shortcuts. By default, it acts as a mute switch because it effectively replaces the mute toggle switch that was a staple of all iPhones.

Plenty to look at with this iPhone

Apple made some changes to the display that prove useful when holding the device and looking at it in varying conditions. Smaller bezels mean the screen takes up even more of the front, while familiar features work just a smoothly as before. Face ID from the TrueDepth camera is never obscured by Dynamic Island, which is only growing bigger in presenting contextual information you’ll want to see.

The cutout pops out like a widget of its own, showing you who’s calling, mapping directions, audio playback controls and Apple Pay confirmation, among other cool integrations. More apps are plugging into this feature, adding some real convenience when looking at the iPhone 15 Pro.

It also helps that it will be easier to see what’s onscreen on very sunny days, thanks to 2000 nits brightness outside in the sun to make sure you don’t have to strain or angle the device to see what’s on the display.

Power and performance for everything you need

Apple’s latest A17 Pro chipset is a tiny 3 nm, but its strength shows no matter what you want to do with the iPhone 15 Pro. Boosts in both CPU and GPU performance mean the phone will not only run smoother, but you can expect gaming to feel as steady as it’s ever been on an iPhone. Console-style games play with smoother frame rates and less lag to enable an experience that’s truer to what game developers intended.

Faster performance also pays dividends when editing photos or using the phone to create content just as much as you see the benefits when consuming it. Navigating iOS will feel smoother and more responsive, while apps that update to the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system will continue to optimize for improvements that come along the way.

You can still use an eSIM to access your carrier’s network, as well as add others when travelling for local access without roaming. Emergency SOS returns, letting you make a call from anywhere in Canada and the United States via satellite in case you’re stranded or need help from a remote location. Apple also upgraded the iPhone 15 Pro with the Ultra-Wideband 2 chip that improves how far it can communicate with compatible devices, like the Apple Watch or AirPods.

Cameras that are ready to shoot when you are

Apple made some changes to the camera array in the iPhone 15 Pro that may not be visible from the outside. The 48-megapixel main camera is the same resolution as the prior 14 Pro, except this one has a larger image sensor that comes with a set of new features not available before. The main lens lets you switch between three different focal lengths: 24mm, 28mm or 35mm. You can also expect up to 2x better output in low-light conditions when shooting with this lens for captivating night photography.

A newer 12-megapixel telephoto lens comes with 5x optical zoom and a much wider f/2.8 aperture, which can help greatly when gathering light and capturing detail in low-light situations. The 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens covers much more in a single frame, and plays double duty as a macro camera when you really get up close to a subject. If you want to go the more professional route with your editing, shoot in ProRAW, including video in Apple’s ProRes format.

With the new USB-C port, it will be possible to tether the phone to a Mac and immediately save photos or video you shoot in real time. Do a photo shoot with your iPhone 15 Pro and see the images immediately appear on the computer screen when using compatible software.