iPhone 7

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  • 4.7(7)

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  • 32(7)

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iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is now among the smallest models Apple makes, and is an alternative to the larger designs that have subsequently come out. Easier to hold in one hand, with the ability to run any iOS app you want to use, it’s an affordable smartphone that stays well connected to the wider ecosystem.

Familiar Ground

The iPhone’s iconic design of a screen with Home button will make you feel right at home if you’re upgrading from an older model. If this is your first iPhone, it’s a good place to start in learning the benefits of iOS.

Sporting a 4.7-inch Retina HD display with 1334 x 750 resolution, this phone also supports 3D Touch, letting you preview notifications and email without having to open them. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the Home button lets you get past the lock screen with greater speed. Store multiple fingerprints to make sure you can unlock in either hand.

It may not be fully waterproof, but the phone is water-resistant, so a splash or accidental spill won’t mean the end of its life. Dust resistance also keeps the device clean from any artifacts that might seep in to disrupt the chipset and camera image sensor.

You also get the benefit of fast speeds with LTE Advanced up to 450Mbps and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi with MIMO support. When connected to a MIMO router, the iPhone 7 benefits from a more efficient Wi-Fi connection, ensuring you don’t have to worry about buffering or latency.

Using iOS and iCloud

The iPhone 7 runs the latest version of iOS, and you can expect to receive timely updates whenever Apple releases them. Browse through over 2 million apps in the App Store to get even more functionality and productivity out of your device. From entertainment to music or photography, you should find what you’re looking for.

Signing up to iCloud gives you 5GB of cloud storage for free, and you can always expand that for a monthly or annual fee. Back up all your phone’s content so that you never lose a single photo, document or message. Your iCloud account can also enable you to send iMessage and text messages on your Mac, sync photos and music across iOS and Mac devices.

Stream music on Apple Music, or select any of the other leading streaming music platforms to listen to tunes at your leisure. Prefer to download tracks or albums? Do it all through iTunes and own that music for life.

Fire Away With the Camera

The 12MP rear camera also includes optical image stabilization, helping you capture photos with less blur. Go beyond the standard camera and download other photography apps to experiment with your own techniques. Record 4K video at 30fps and slo-mo video at 1080p up to 120fps for cool effects in action scenes.

A 7MP front-facing camera is always ready for any FaceTime HD video, including a Retina Flash that keeps you illuminated in darker settings. Use the camera for all your selfies, and any video calling app you prefer to use.