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Use the iPhone X to get the most out of an elite smartphone

The iPhone X represents the most radical design shift for the iconic smartphone over the last few years, and it comes with a number of features. Its new look gives you newer ways to interact with and navigate the device. Its improved dual camera setup lets you be more creative with the photos you capture. Smart, svelte and sophisticated, it’s a premier package.

A different look for iPhone

The trusty home button of past iPhone models may be gone, but the 5.8-inch OLED edge-to-edge display (2436 x 1125) means there’s extra real estate at your fingertips. Use nifty and intuitive gestures to navigate iOS while True Tone technology can change the ambient light colour and temperature dynamically to make it easy on your eyes.

The TrueDepth Camera system in the front-facing camera uses thousands of tiny dots to measure your face as a 3D image you can use to unlock your iPhone. Without a fingerprint sensor to touch, this unique feature runs through the infrared camera at the front.

It can recognize you with eyeglasses or sunglasses on, or even when growing a beard or cutting your hair. You can also use this facial recognition feature to make purchases via Apple Pay.

Go even further with facial recognition and create your own Animojis. Record your voice while these characters animate based on your own facial expressions, and then send them to friends and family through the Messages app.

Smartphone with a better battery

A more efficient battery lets you squeeze more time to work and play on your iPhone X. When you need to charge, you can always plug in a Lightning cable to fill it up, but you also have another option, which is wireless charging.

Supporting the Qi wireless standard, place the iPhone X onto a charging pad or stand and leave it to recharge cord-free. You can expect the equivalent output of up to a 5W wired charger from Apple. Plus, it will work with or without a case, with the only exceptions being cases that are very thick, made of aluminum backs or with built-in magnets

Shoot Better Photos from your iPhone

The two rear-facing cameras are laid out vertically for a different look than previous iPhone devices, and on the inside, they offer better performance. The improved 12-megapixel image sensor sports better autofocus and image signal processing.

Use the 2x telephoto lens to get closer to your subject without moving, while utilizing the new image stabilization now built into it. Try Portrait Mode to capture depth of field for DSLR-style shots that add more to every photo. Go the other way and use it on the front-facing camera for unique selfie photoshoots.

Portrait Lighting Effects will make you look like you visited a studio, offering stage and studio lighting magic for both colour and monochrome images.

Capture the moments around you with 4K video recording up to 60 frames per second or go real slow with slow-motion video down to 240 frames per second.