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Keep your documents preserved for the long haul with laminating supplies

Now that you’ve invested in a laminating machine to preserve your most valuable documents and memories, you’ve got to make sure that you have all the supplies needed to get the show running. Laminating machines ensure the protection and longevity of your important documents and precious memories, but it takes more than just the machine to seal the deal. Best Buy has you covered for all the laminating supplies you need to create a shield and safeguard your near and dear documents.

Find the right laminating pouches for your needs

Laminating pouches are the pocket-like pouches in which the documents are placed in before going through the heat and compression of the laminating machine. Three edges are sealed by adhesive which secure your document in place as it goes through the machine. A laminating pouch can vary in the size of thickness, ranging from three mil to ten mil. When choosing the thickness of the laminating pouch, you just have to consider how stiff you want the document to be. A laminated document at 5 mil will be a little more flexible than a 10 mil laminated document, which will be firm and will barely bend. They come in different sizes, as needed by both your documents and your laminating machine.

Keep it simple with laminating sheets and laminating film

Unlike laminating pouches, laminating sleeves are a single piece of laminate film. They aren’t attached to a second sheet or sealed with any adhesive. These sheets are often used as a self-stick laminate, and don’t require the heat or compression of a laminating machine to stick to the document. They can be used by pressing two sheets together, or can be used to just laminate one side of a document. Another source of laminating is by using laminating film in a machine that takes rolls. This makes it much quicker to laminate big projects. The film rolls through the machine automatically as opposed to you having to manually insert your documents into pouches.

Gather all the items you need for your laminating needs

All you need now is to consider what your laminating needs are. No matter what type of lamination you are looking to create, you can find the appropriate supplies for your items. Consider the model of your laminating machine, and whether you need laminating pouches, sheets, or rolls of film. The right type of protection for your most precious documents and memories is available to you.