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Enhance your Natural Beauty with Makeup

With the right makeup, you can enhance the beauty of your already-gorgeous features. Play up your eyes with mascara, plump your lips with lip gloss, and add a flawless finish to your face with foundation or powder. Best Buy carries a variety of makeup from Vasanti Cosmetics, Burt’s Bees, Tval and CoverGirl to help you achieve that coveted radiant glow.

Start with a Flawless-Looking Face

Start your perfect makeup look with a flawless-looking complexion. Hide blemishes, age spots and other imperfections with concealer, and even out your skin tone with a matching foundation. Finish off your face with a dust of powder to minimize shine and give your complexion a healthy, natural glow.

Bring out your Eyes

Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Eye shadows come in an array of colours, so you can experiment to find the perfect look for any occasion. Choose a more neutral shade for a daytime or work look, and layer on bolder shades for a sultry evening look. Line your eyes with pencil or liquid eyeliner to add extra definition, and pump up your lashes with a volumizing or lengthening mascara.

Finish with Luscious Lips

Make your lips super-soft and kissable with lip gloss or lipstick. Apply lipstick in your favourite colour to make your pout look smooth and luscious. For gorgeous shine, treat your lips to the sheer colour and luxurious moisture of a lip gloss. Wear lip gloss alone for a more natural look or layer it over lipstick to add a touch of sheen.