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Open Box OTR Microwaves & Ventilation

There are a few must-have appliances in any modern kitchen, and one of those is an over the range microwave or range hood. If you’re looking to add a new range hood or microwave, you may want to consider purchasing one of Best Buy’s open box over the range microwaves or open box range hoods.

What is an open box appliance?

You aren’t buying used when you purchasing an open box OTR microwave or an open box range hood. When you buy open box from Best Buy you’re getting an appliance that’s brand new; it’s just a returned product that’s either in perfect condition with no scratches or dents or open box with minor scratches or dents in non-visible areas.

Why choose an open box microwave or open box range hood

Whether you purchase an open box OTR microwave or open box range hood in perfect condition or with a few minor scratches, the only difference between buying straight off the shelf and open box is that open box is less expensive.

Open box appliances are ready to work in your kitchen

There’s no need to worry about any part of an open box appliance purchase. All open box range hoods and open box over the range microwaves are cleaned, inspected, and tested by Geek Squad Agents before they are available for sale.

It’s easy to shop for open box kitchen appliances

Each listing under open box range hoods and open box OTR microwaves is listed according to its specific condition. That means you can easily sort through microwaves and range hoods in perfect condition or those with minor scratches.

From Samsung to KitchenAid; your favourite brands are in open box

An open box range hood or open box OTR microwave is a brand-new appliance, and just because you buy open box doesn’t mean you don’t get to choose your favourite brand. All of the biggest appliance brands, from Samsung to LG and KitchenAid, are available in the open box range hood and open box OTR microwave section on You’ll find range hoods and microwaves with your favourite features too. From family friendly 950W sizes with auto vent to filter out food smells, to over the range microwaves combine the power of a microwave and a convection oven.

Just take a look at the listings on and you’ll find an open box OTR microwave or open box range hood to suit any kitchen.