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FAQ About Play Yards

Most new parents will tell you what a challenge it can be to always keep an eye on baby while trying to go about their day. Play yards keep baby contained in a safe playpen environment, so you can always keep your little one near you and not fret about their safety. Play yards can be easily moved from room to room or used as a travel crib on trips that require a hotel stay. Need more answers? Let's go through some common questions about play yards.

Why do I need a play yard?

Busy moms and dads need a little help (and a lot of sleep) when it comes to watching over their infants. Play yards provide a safe space for your little one, so you can keep them nearby without worrying about their every move. Portable baby play yards are lightweight and fold up easily to make it possible for you to hit the road for vacations with baby.

What should I look for before buying a play yard?

Standard playpens generally come with soft mesh on all sides and a padded floor mat that'll provide a safe place for baby to nap and play. Wheels let you move the play yard across the room, while a foldable design provides a portable crib for that overdue visit to Grandma. A deluxe play yard comes with numerous add-on features including hanging toys, an integrated changing table with side pockets for diapers and powder, a canopy, as well as music and lights. Some play yards will even convert into a bassinet to create a cozy nap spot.

How safe are play yards?

The foundational reason for play yards is to keep your baby in a safe, contained environment that feels comforting. However, not all manufacturers follow the same stringent safety standards, which is why it's always important to research the product to see if it meets Canadian safety regulations. And don't forget to refer to Health Canada's recommendations for keeping your child safe in a playpen.