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Keep the power going with portable power stations and generators

Portable power stations and generators can come in handy in case of emergency but are also great for camping, RVing, and other similar activities.

What is a portable power station and generator?

Portable power stations and generators are portable devices that can be used to power various electronic items while on the go, outdoors, or at home in the event of a power outage. They come in capacities from 50 up to 1,000 watts with AC, USB, or even 12V DC power for recharging in the car. Some also have or work with solar panels to get power from the sun.

Ideal for use while camping, in an RV, fishing, outdoors, or in the event of an emergency at home or elsewhere, they can weigh anywhere from 2 to 5 lbs. and some are even smaller and foldable for easy packing.

If you want to keep your phone, tablet, or laptop charged, power up lights and lanterns, an air purifier, coffee maker, air pump, blender, CPAP machine, heating blanket, fan, GPS unit, or even larger appliances like a mini fridge or smoker, portable power stations and generators are useful to have.

What should you know about portable power stations and generators?

Portable power stations and generators recharge in a variety of ways and come with various ports to charge devices, so make sure it has the ones you need depending on what you want to power up. Some can charge as many as 13 devices at once, ideal for a camping or road trip with a large group or for long-term back-up at home.

You’ll want ones that offer protection against over current, over voltage, and over temperature and have built-in cooling. Rugged, waterproof models are ideal for outdoors in case of inclement weather. Check the wattage of devices before plugging them in to make sure they can safely charge.

Usually, a portable power station or generator can fully recharge in about 4-10 hours via AC or 10 hours via car if that’s your only source. Charge it up while driving to a destination, or the night before, and have it ready to go when you arrive.

What makes the best portable generator?

The best portable power station or generator will suit your specific application. If you need to charge a variety of devices with different wattages, you want a larger, more powerful unit. If you plan to use it on the go, look for something that’s lightweight and relatively compact but powerful as well.

For personal use, there are smaller portable power supplies that come with carabiner clips to attach to your backpack or even a tent. A portable solar generator won’t give you as much power but they are handy in the event that there’s no other available power source but the sun and you’ve run out of juice.

Some portable generators and power stations come with secondary features that can be useful as well, like built-in flashlights. Some also run more quietly than others, which could be a deciding factor if you think the noise might otherwise be disturbing or distracting to others.