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FAQ About Food Steamers

We're all familiar with the classic vegetable steamer, that resilient and simple little metal basket that drops into any-sized stovetop pot. But what about when you want to steam other foods, such as lentils, rice, meat, and fish? For that, you need an electric food steamer.

Why should I switch from a steamer basket to an electric food steamer?

Cooking with steam ensures essential vitamins and minerals survive the cooking process, resulting in healthier meals that have been prepared without boiling away nutrients or using fatty oils. Electric food steamers allow you to use this process for a range of foods, beyond just vegetables, so you can prepare an entire meal with a single countertop device. Most electric food steamers are also multi-tiered, which allows you to steam various foods simultaneously. This saves time, cuts down on the number of pots and pans you need to use, and results in nutrient-rich meals.

What foods can I cook with an electric steamer?

The most immediate benefit of adding an electric food steamer to your kitchen countertop is the ability to cook a range of foods simultaneously. Where the classic steamer basket is limited to the steaming of vegetables like broccoli and carrots, electric food steamers will cook rice, lentils, fish, eggs, and certain types of meat. This gives you the ability to throw together a dinner of fresh cooked salmon, white rice, and seasonal veggies without even turning on your oven or fumbling about with stovetop pots.

What special features should I be looking for in an electric steamer?

The most important feature you'll want to look for in an electric steamer is stackable baskets. These allow you to cook multiple foods at the same time. Many units will also come with a special rice bowl, which sits in one of the baskets, allowing you to cook rice to mouthwatering perfection. A programmable timer with a delay start function and a Keep Warm function are great features to have in an electric steamer. This allows you to plan ahead and set up your steamer so dinner is ready when you walk in the door.