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Pump up your audio with a Stereo Receiver

If you want to listen to top-quality, heart-thumping sound via your home stereo system, you’ll need to outfit it with a stereo receiver. A stereo receiver pushes sound to your speakers, resulting in immersive, crystal-clear audio that fills the room. Best Buy has a great selection of stereo receivers from popular brands like Sony, Harman Kardon, Sherwood and Onkyo.

What is a stereo receiver and what can it be used for?

A stereo receiver is designed to produce better sound quality for your favourite music. This type of audio receiver has numerous inputs and outputs to connect to your audio devices. A traditional stereo receiver is a two-channel system, and it will connect up to two speakers or one or two subwoofers. It may also have a digital input to connect your TV, just like a home theatre receiver.

There are also Bluetooth stereo receivers or Wi-Fi stereo receivers to connect your smartphone or tablet so you can stream your favourite playlists. If you’d like to connect your turntable or listen to the radio, a stereo receiver is the perfect choice.

Some stereo receivers can even transmit sound from different audio sources to other rooms. If you have two sets of speakers and a receiver with A and B speaker functionalities, you’ll be able to listen to one type of music on one room while someone else enjoys their playlists in another.

What is the difference between a stereo receiver and AV receiver or amplifier?

A stereo amplifier, stereo receiver, and AV receiver might sound like the same thing, but they have a few subtle differences. An amplifier is a single device that takes the signal from your audio source and pushes the sound out to your connected speakers. To get the most from your amplifier, you’ll pair with other single devices like a tuner.

A stereo receiver and an AV receiver, also known as a home theatre receiver, have amplifiers built into them. They are considered a component of your home stereo or home theatre system. That means they also have functions including a tuner, volume controls, and inputs for specific audio or audio and video devices.

Advantages of owning a stereo receiver

Having a stereo receiver in your home means you can turn up the volume on your favourite songs or online radio stations. You aren’t limited to the sound quality from your phone or computer, and everything your connect or stream through your stereo receiver will sound crisp and clear. Depending on what type of stereo receiver you choose, you’ll be able to listen to audio from all of your audio devices including your smartphone, computer, or turntable.  

Old versus new versions of stereo receivers

Wondering whether you should just dust off your old stereo receiver instead of choosing a new model? Some audiophiles continue to use old stereo receivers because they still enjoy the sound quality. That being said, given the advancements in sound over the past few decades, you’ll have more options if you choose to upgrade. New stereo receivers have multiple ports for the latest devices, and you can choose a Bluetooth stereo receiver or a Wi-Fi stereo receiver so you can connect to your favourite music without cables.

Shop Best Buy for an stereo receiver and turn up the volume on your favourite music.