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Top Load Washers

A washing machine is a must-have appliance in every home, but before you install one in your laundry room, you’ll have to decide what type of washing machine you’d like. In many homes, the washing machine of choice is a top load washing machine.

What is a top load washing machine?

A top load washing machine is a standard-sized washing machine with a lid that opens up on the top of the machine. After you add your clothes the interior fills up with water and an agitator with paddles moves the clothes around in the water until they are clean.

Type types of top load washers

There are two types of top-loading washers. A standard top-loading washer is the most common type of top load washer. It has a lid on the top of the appliance, and it works by filling the washer basin up with water and uses an agitator to move your clothes from top to bottom. The other type, a high-efficiency top load washer, is similar to a front load washing machine. It still has a top lid that lifts like a standard top-loading washer, but it doesn’t have an agitator. Instead, under the lid is a drum that washes your clothes via rotation.

A high-efficiency top load washer uses less water than a standard top load washer as the entire drum doesn’t need to fill up completely to wash your clothes. Because the clothes are rotated within the drum, a high-efficiency top load washer uses less detergent too.

Benefits of a top load washer

A top load washer has quite a few benefits over other types of washers. You don’t have to bend over to put your clothes in a top load washing machine. Because the lid is on top, you can just drop your clothes in. Top load washers make it easy to add clothes mid-cycle, so if you forget to add in a stray sock, you can just open the lid and put it in.

With a top load washing machine, there is less risk of overloading. If you have a king-size blanket you’d like to wash, it’s more likely to fit in a top load washing machine than a front loader.

Features to look for in top load washers

The type of features you find on top load washers vary. Some features you may find include detergent dispensers that let you load detergent for up to 20 loads at a time, automatic presoaks, customized cycles to wash clothes and linens, and smart features that let you manage your washing machine from your phone or tablet.

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