Apple AirPods Max

AirPods Max reimagine over-ear headphones. An Apple-designed driver provides high-fidelity audio, and industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation blocks outside noise while Transparency mode lets it in.
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Apple AirPods MaX

What are AirPods Max?

AirPods Max reimagine over-ear headphones: these are engineered to be a perfect balance of thrilling high-fidelity audio and the effortless magic of AirPods.

An Apple-designed driver delivers ultra high quality sound, while Active Noise Cancellation blocks outside noise. These ultra premium over-ear headphones are designed to be the best on the market, for those who demand the finest.

Apple AirPods Max Key Features

Distractions are so 2020 thanks to Apple AirPods Max over-ear headphones. With industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation, you can block out unwanted sounds whether working from home or on the move; from a chattery child, to machinery, to the sounds of an urban commute.

In tandem with Active Noise Cancellation, Apple AirPods Max offer Transparency Mode which allows you to let some sound in—on your terms. Just tap the noise control button to switch to Transparency Mode, which lets outside sound in so you can interact naturally with your surroundings when you need to.

The signature Apple Digital Crown also lets you precisely control volume, skip between tracks, answer phone calls, and activate Siri.

What’s the sound quality like on Apple AirPods Max?

We all have our favourite music and we also have our preferences when listening to it; some of us like more bass, others want a more subtle, balanced sound.

Apple Adaptive EQ tailors sound to the adjustable fit and seal created by the ear cushions, while inward-facing microphones listen to what you’re hearing, then adjust the frequencies of your music to deliver a rich, consistent experience that accurately reproduces every note.

Thanks to space age technology like spatial audio with dynamic head tracking you’ll enjoy a theatre‑like experience when using AirPods Max to watch movies and shows, creating sound that seems to come from all around you. Plus, with on-board gyroscopes and accelerometers, AirPods Max (combined with your iPhone or iPad) can even track the motion of your head, anchoring sounds to your device, so it seems like the audio is coming right from the screen to your ears.

What makes Apple AirPods Max different from other over the ear headphones?

From ear cushion to headband, AirPods Max are designed for the most comfortable fit that creates the optimal acoustic seal for al kinds of head shapes — that means you’ll be fully immersed in every sound. The canopy that makes up the headband is made from a unique breathable knit mesh, which better distributes weight to reduce on‑head pressure during epic listening sessions, all-day conference calls, or all-night gaming.

Plus, Apple AirPods Max have a durable stainless steel frame wrapped with a soft fabric for a welcoming and highly desirable combination of strength, flexibility, and comfort.

Why buy Apple AirPods Max?

Quite simply, these headphones are designed to mesh seamlessly into your life and your Apple ecosystem.

With touchless pairing and switching among your Apple devices, easy battery life management via your iPhone, and industry-best audio quality, Apple AirPods Max are the best over-ear headphones on the market.