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Plug your ears with the latest AirPods Pro

What makes the AirPods Pro different?

The AirPods Pro are back for an encore, only this second-generation pair of earbuds do change a few things to make them different from their predecessors. They do share the same design, so they will fit just as comfortably as the previous pair would. Apple does add an extra-small pair of ear tips in the box to expand on that. The new AirPods Pro also still come in white as the only colour option so far.

What has changed is Apple’s new H2 chip is inside these earbuds. Apple says it will enable them to deliver double the active noise cancellation (ANC) and smarter spatial audio. That means those background sounds that sounded more muffled in the previous AirPods Pro will now feel all but silenced when wearing the 2nd Gen pair.

Adaptive Transparency lets you hear background noise to stay aware of your surroundings, yet also detects louder sounds and reduces their effect to save your ears from hearing them, like those from a drill or screeching train. Not only that, but when you want to raise or lower the volume of your content, slide up or down on the stems to control it.

Spatial Audio gets personalized treatment through an ear-scanning feature on your iOS device. By taking photos of your ears, it takes the data to create a personal profile to make the surround sound effect feel more immersive for your particular ears.

Don’t get lost

With Bluetooth 5.3 on board, it should be easier to stay connected to the AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) when you wear them, but also when you don’t. Apple’s Find My network still applies to these earbuds, making it easier to find the earbuds when you’ve misplaced one or both of them.

With Precision Finding, you can find the case for these earbuds in case you’ve lost it. There’s a built-in speaker capable of playing a loud sound that can also lend a helping audible hand to figure out where it actually is.

The AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) are also the first pair of Apple earbuds to include a lanyard for the charging case as a means to keep them closer to you. Whether you keep them wrapped around your wrist or attach them to a bag, that’s one way to make sure the case or earbuds don’t stray too far.

Just a little longer

The AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) extend battery life a little further than the previous pair did. Apple says you can expect up to six hours of battery life per charge, which is an extra hour over what was possible before.

The case also gets you an extra charge for a total of four extra charges, reaching 30 hours total. As before, you can charge the case using a Lightning cable or connect it to a Qi-enabled wireless charging surface or MagSafe wireless charger.

You can see where the battery stands at all times on your iPhone or iPad. On the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the new Dynamic Island feature onscreen will pop up how much charge you have left whenever you want to know.