Apple Watch and Accessories On Sale

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  • It’s all in the wrist

    Setting things apart

    There is no smartwatch quite like the Apple Watch. It’s the only smartwatch that integrates with Apple’s ecosystem, delivering an extension of the features and connectivity you enjoy on your iPhone. The intent was to make it user-friendly and fashionable enough to fit in with your choice of wardrobe. It does come in different models, with plenty of choices for straps, letting you decide what to do and how you want it to look.

    The Apple Watch is a line of smartwatches, rather than just one device alone. For example, the Apple Watch SE was inspired by the Apple Watch Series 6, save for some features that set it apart as more of an entry-level model. It lacks the ECG (electrocardiogram) and blood oxygen tracking of the most recent models, as well as Ultra Wideband support. Newer Apple Watch models have those features, and introduce new ones with each generation.

    Each successive Apple Watch has come with new features to expand on their capabilities for improved health and fitness. Built-in GPS makes it easier to track distance and location, especially when on a route during a run or hike. Tougher protection lets you swim or enjoy time in the water without worrying about its ability to keep working and tracking your progress.

    The App Store gives you access to a wide range of apps straight to your watch. Whether it’s controlling your music, hailing a rideshare vehicle, or seeing map directions, the Apple Watch’s screen shows it all on demand.

    Accessorize it your way

    There are plenty of ways to accessorize your Apple Watch, starting with the kind of strap you latch onto it. They come in a wide variety of styles and materials, ensuring the watch fits in for just about any occasion. Rubberized silicone straps are best for workouts, water-based activity and just everyday casual wear. Metal, fabric and leather are also versatile, especially when you want the strap to match an outfit or the season.

    You can even try protecting it with a case surrounding the frame of the watch. Some are more for casual use, whereas others have a more specific focus, like sports or active-based scenarios. Cases do add thickness and weight to the watch, however, so you do need to be mindful of what kind of extra protection you’re looking for.

    Since the Apple Watch is compatible with wireless charging, you could always use it on a wireless charging pad or surface. Any Qi-enabled wireless charging pad will work, even if Apple doesn’t make it, and there are special ones with room for both an iPhone and Apple Watch.