Apple Watch Series 3

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The beginner Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 3 as a starter smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 3 is Apple’s entry-level smartwatch, delivering much of the experience that makes it so recognizable as a wearable device. It works seamlessly with the iPhone, syncing over data and apps in ways that feel natural wherever you go. While this is an older Apple Watch in comparison to current models, it’s still more than capable.

It comes in both 38mm and 42mm sizes, which makes it smaller than other Apple Watch models. That could be the right fit if you feel that’s a better fit for your wrist, through other models do have sizes that are in between the two under the Series 3. You can accessorize it with any strap made for the Apple Watch, opening up all sorts of avenues to make it fit in with your lifestyle and wardrobe.

What the Apple Watch Series 3 can do

While it is technically a legacy Apple Watch, the Series 3 can do plenty of things well. If you are looking for a smartwatch to track daily activity or your exercise routine, it can do that for you. Whether you work out at the gym, or do it your own outdoors, it’s handy to have a watch that knows how to measure it all.

Built-in GPS keeps track of your route and the distance you’ve hit, and the barometric altimeter tracks elevation, even when you’re climbing flights of stairs. It’s also nice that it is durable enough to work in water, thanks to its water resistance, which can reach depths down to 50 metres. Keep track of your heart rate at all times, and the watch will warn you if something seems off about it.

All those apps on the App Store mean you can use the watch to do more than just break a sweat. Navigate your way on a map, hail a rideshare vehicle, know what song is playing in the background, and so much more.

Fitting in to your lifestyle

Incoming phone calls aren’t exclusively for your iPhone while you wear this watch. The Apple Watch Series 3 can take and make phone calls from your wrist for added convenience. Message from any contact show up on the screen, giving you a clear view of a conversation without ever touching your phone. You can even ask Siri anything by just raising your wrist and putting in a request.

Your wrist can act as your payment portal, too. With Apple Pay onboard, you just flash your wrist at a payment terminal and that’s it. It’s a contactless payment method that also keeps your phone in your pocket, and your hands free to carry bags or belongings.

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