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Life is Better with Bulova Luxury Watches

Founded in 1876, Bulova is a luxury brand that really does have roots. As the brand behind the first-ever television commercial (and the first-ever radio ad!), Bulova knows how to make a great product—and how to market it.

But, while Bulova is always working on new technologies to move forward, they have ties to the past, too: their Moon Pilot Chronograph Watch was one of the first-ever timepieces on the moon, way back in 1971. The year after, they were also one of the first brands to run ads in support of equal pay for equal time.

What Makes a Bulova Watch so Special?

Bulova may be a brand with history, but what makes their watches so special is the technology behind them. These watches use Japanese quartz movement to deliver accurate time with very little battery maintenance, and most modern models have a water resistance of 30 metres or more.

Models like the Precisionist, which is still being developed today, were the first of their kind. (The Precisionist pioneered a new era of sweeping secondhand movement—think one constant, fluid motion instead of click-click-clicks.) As a result, these analog Bulova watches look beautifully at-home surrounded in old wood and plush velvet. They bring the exquisite into everyday life.

Bulova Ladies’ Watches

Unlike most watches out there, Bulova women’s watches are surprisingly easy to choose. While you may expect some clever wordplay from a brand that’s always been on the forefront of marketing and advertising, Bulova is great at telling you exactly what you’ll get. A Bulova gold watch in the Diamond collection, for instance, will be made with hand-set diamonds, while a Bulova Crystal watch will be adorned with Swarovski crystals instead.

Look to the brand’s more luxurious dress watch models for a high-end experience, or search out Bulova Caravelle models for more affordable fashion pieces to wear at work.

Bulova Mens’ Watches

Most of Bulova’s product ranges, like the Diamond and Caravelle lines, are made in both their men’s and women’s watch sectors. However, some pieces are more emphasized in one line over the other.

The Bulova Curv and Precisionist watches stand out as intricate men’s chronograph watches. They come with a higher price tag, and stand out visually, too. These rugged chronograph watches are made to look great on the golf course or at a weekend work retreat with the office. Precision reading on the chronograph faces goes down to 1/1000 of a second, so you can show off their extreme functionality at any sporting event. The dressy, flashy silhouette of a Precisionist watch catches the eye despite its simple silver bracelet, making it a fashionable choice for most workplaces and semi-formal events.

Bulova Precisionist watches are styled more as dress watches, while the Curv is made for accuracy: the line’s curved chronograph movement with 262 kHz vibrational frequency performs like no other. The sexy simplicity of the Curv means that it’s well-suited for environments like the racetrack, and that it often pairs well with a tuxedo for formal events.

When you’re choosing your next luxury timepiece, trust the brand behind the world’s first photo timer to support you on your race to the top.