Fossil Smartwatches


Fossil smartwatches pursue fashion and function

Starting out with a Fossil smartwatch

Fossil makes smartwatches that aim to blend style with substance in ways to make the device feel like a part of your daily routine. Whether you’re active in one moment, or leisurely in another, the watch is supposed to fit in for both those scenarios, and all others in between. This is why Fossil also offers models that cater specifically to men or women.

To make that clear, Fossil designs its smartwatches with different materials and straps. You can find some with classic metallic finishes, or more ornate trappings to stand out just a little more. The traditional look includes the colours you might expect for timepieces that try to meld the old with the new. Dials provide an old school tactile feel to navigating the watch, as another example of that kind of throwback sense of style.

That also goes for straps. Fossil makes several different types, with stainless steel, leather, fabric, and silicone. Colours also range from your standard black, silver and gold, to others, like grey, brown, smoke, rose gold, pink and more.

What Fossil smartwatches can do

Beyond the style part of the equation, there are some functional points Fossil tries to hit with its smartwatches. Most run on Google’s Wear OS, which provides good synergy with Android smartphones, though it’s not exclusive. You can wear and use any of these watches with your iPhone as well, though you may not get all the same features Android users get, like integration with Amazon Alexa, for instance.

The latest models, like the Gen 6, have built-in GPS to track your movements, including distance and route, without your phone. There is plenty of activity tracking with Fossil smartwatches, right down to heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2), sleep quality and even swimming. Through Wear OS, you can download apps that bring all sorts of fitness and health tracking to the watch.

Apart from all things activity, these watches also take phone features and put them on your wrist. Take phone calls from the watch, play music from Spotify and YouTube Music, respond to text messages and use Google Assistant to make requests or control smart home devices.

What about Fossil Hybrid Watches?

Fossil Hybrid smartwatches are a little different from the others in that they focus more on style and use a more laid back approach to the smart features. That’s visible by the way the HR models integrate an E Ink display within the analog watch face to create that hybrid look. From a distance, it looks like a standard retro timepiece, and up close, it shows its tech side once that screen goes to work.

These hybrid watches don’t run on Wear OS, so won’t offer the same depth of features Fossil’s other smartwatches will. You can still read incoming text messages, see who’s calling, check weather and your commute time to your next destination. Heart rate and activity tracking also work, along with sleep tracking and music controls.

Hybrid watches also have their own dedicated smartphone app to sync data and utilize extra features to get more out of them. When you want something that isn’t as techy, this type of watch may strike the right balance.