Microwaves On Sale

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Microwaves on Sale: save big on a new microwave

What types of microwaves are on sale at Best Buy?

Best Buy has many microwaves on sale right now falling into the three main categories: countertop for placing atop a counter or shelf, built-in for sliding into a fitted spot in the kitchen, and over-the-range for positioning above your range for easy, eye-level access.

Available in a range of finishes and colours, like stainless-steel, silver, black, white, red, and even retro styles, the microwaves come in compact capacities as small as 0.7 cubic feet up to full-sized models as large as 2 cubic feet. They range in power from 700 watts up to as high as 1,350 watts for better performance.

They come in a variety of styles, with knobs, buttons, touch buttons, digital screens/control panels, or a combination of multiple operational features. They’ll have either a push or pull door, glass turntable, and some include LED lighting inside. You can save more if you opt for open box or refurbished models as well.

What are the features to consider in a microwave and why would you want one?

Microwaves are great not only for re-heating, but also cooking a variety of foods. Many have multiple presets, up to as many as 18, for common items like popcorn, bacon, baked potato, and frozen dinners so you can pop it in, press a single button, and it will cook as needed. Some include memory functions for saving your favourite settings for making oatmeal in the morning, for example, or cooking frozen vegetables.

Some microwaves feature advanced technology, like inverter technology to ensure even heating, as well as sensor cooking to automatically determine the amount of power and monitor the cooking process, adjusting accordingly so you get the best results. Some even have an auto-defrost function if you want to defrost meat or poultry, for example, before cooking in the oven or stovetop.

Look for a microwave with an interior that's easy to clean. Ceramic, for example, is also scratch-resistant.

How do you know when it's time to get a new microwave?

If you have owned your microwave for more than 10 years, it's probably time to upgrade. The latest models run more efficiently and effectively. If you notice that your food is not cooking properly, heats unevenly, or it takes forever to get to the desired temperature, you might want to consider upgrading to a microwave with sensor cooking.

Other reasons you might need to upgrade include if the door doesn't seal properly, the keypad doesn't work, or the microwave runs then stops abruptly. Of course, if you notice smoke, sparks, or smell burning, it's time to safely dispose of the old small appliance.

Oftentimes when it comes to a microwave, it's better and more cost effective to replace than repair, particularly if it's 10+ years old. With all the great features in the newest models, many of which are on sale for great deals at Best Buy, the benefits are worth it.