Napoleon BBQs

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For easy grilling and unique style, choose a Napoleon BBQ

When you want a great grill, a Napoleon BBQ is one of the best choices available. A Napoleon BBQ is designed for durability, and they have advanced features to make grilling effortless for everyone.

Why choose a Napoleon BBQ?

When it comes to style, Napoleon grills are hard to beat. They are made from stainless steel for durability, but they have a sleek style that stands out on every porch, patio, or tail gate. You can choose a portable Napoleon BBQ to take to the beach, park, and everywhere in between. A Napoleon BBQ charcoal is available if you like authentic charcoal flavour and need an easy to move grill.

With options to use as a built in or freestanding BBQ, a Napoleon BBQ natural gas is a great choice. They have advanced grilling options and luxury touches that look great in every backyard.

Benefits of Napoleon grills

No matter which Napoleon grill you choose, you’ll have Napoleon quality built right in. They have stainless steel burners designed to give you the perfect sear on every cut of meat. Some models give you up to 80,000 BTUS of heat on your grilling surface, and you’ll find a Napoleon BBQ with infrared burners to give you the space to cook side dishes.

You’ll be impressed with the way your Napoleon BBQ can cook your food, but it’s the aesthetic that stands out on their line of grills. Not only do they have a modern stainless-steel style, some models also have knobs that light up in multiple colours, interior lid lights, and side shelves and storage areas to hold all of your Napoleon accessories.

Which Napoleon BBQ should you choose?

Every Napoleon BBQ is a great choice. Choosing one model for you depends on whether you need portability or if your BBQ will remain in one spot. If you’d like a BBQ you can take with you for picnics or beach days, a portable Napoleon BBQ or Napoleon BBQ charcoal is a good option.

For outdoor kitchens, patios, and porches, a Napoleon BBQ natural gas is the best choice. They give you the space to grill for a crowd, and you’ll love how your grill adds a luxury feel to your outdoor space. Designed for durability, your Napoleon BBQ will last for years. You’ll also have storage room for all of your grilling accessories, and they are easy to clean when you’re finished cooking for the day.

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