Nespresso Original Machines


Brew a perfect cup with Nespresso Original machines

Nespresso Original coffee makers are inspired by Italian roasting traditions, brewing a perfect cup of espresso or lungo every time, right from home.

What are Nespresso Original machines and how do they compare to others in the line?

Inspired by Italian roasting traditions, Nespresso Original machines are a perfect option for coffee lovers looking for a convenient and high-quality coffee-making experience at home. Designed to offer two different cup sizes, espresso and lungo (a double shot), they use a pressure system whereby the top of the capsule is punctured and water is forced inside. When the bottom of the capsule bursts, it pushes delicious coffee out the other end.

By contrast, the larger and more feature-rich Nespresso Vertuo machines use centrifugation, which circulates water with the grounds, allowing for more coffee sizes and types.

The Nespresso Original line includes various compact machines like the Nespresso Inissia, Nespresso Pixie, Nespresso Essenza, and Nespresso Essenza Mini; as well as larger machines that can do more, like the Nespresso Creatista Plus.

What are the features of Nespresso Original machines?

The Original line of Nespresso machines are compact and focus on one primary function: making delicious espresso or lungo. But you can get the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother to make more complex drinks, like lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos as well. Some of the machines come bundled with the frother for a discounted price.

The Nespresso Inissia is a compact, lightweight coffee machine made by De’Longhi with a 0.7L water tank that heats up in 25 seconds. Designed for small spaces, choose between the two programmable cup sizes; a folding drip tray can accommodate larger glasses. Easily insert and remove the compatible capsules of the flavour and type of coffee you love, from a ristretto to a decaf. The 19-bar pressure pump delivers a fresh layer of crema every time. Made by Breville, the Nespresso Pixie is similar in size and design with the same features.

Also by Breville is the Nespresso Essenza, which is even smaller and more compact while still offering the 19-bar pump, removable drip tray, two espresso sizes, and auto shut-off. The Nespresso Essenza Mini is more compact, still, ideal for apartments. It takes a little longer to heat up.

Who will love the Nespresso Original machines?

You’ll want to get the right Nespresso coffee maker to fit your lifestyle and coffee needs. The Original machines focus on espresso, so if you want other types of drinks, invest in a bundle that comes with the Aerrocino milk frother. For more variety, consider a larger, higher-end Original model like the Nespresso Creatista, which offers ultra-fast heat-up time, multiple milk temperature and texture options, and a built-in automatic steam wand for customized microfoam. The Nespresso Vertuo line might be worth looking it, allowing for not only flavourful espresso but also different espresso-related drinks of multiple sizes.

With any machine, don’t forget to keep them clean, inside and out. Use descaling liquid or vinegar and water to run a descale cycle at least twice a year; see the manual for detailed instructions. This will help remove limescale build-up in the machine so it continues to operate as new for as long as possible. Keep removable parts clean, too, washing by hand with mild dish soap and warm water or, if the manual indicates as such, in the top rack of the dishwasher.