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Think out of the box with an Open Box cell phone

What is an open box cell phone?

An open box cell phone is a device that is available, not as a brand-new product directly from the factory, but one that was previously used or opened. These can include handsets that customers purchased and returned, or were repaired by qualified Geek Squad technicians, or those used for demonstration purposes at stores and kiosks. These refurbished phones are always re-sold at a lower price.

Open box cell phones are tested and inspected to verify that they function based on proper standards and in accordance with an assigned condition. Devices with Geek Squad certification achieve that designation after thorough testing to confirm they are in as-new condition. This also means they include all the original accessories and come with a full warranty. They will also qualify for Best Buy’s no-hassle return policy.

Devices without any defects, like scratches, dents or blemishes, are the ones that get priority for open box availability. Some phones will be offered by other marketplace sellers on the Best Buy website. While these don’t have Geek Squad certification, they must still meet certain requirements and standards to be re-sold.

What is the difference between open box cell phones and unlocked cell phones?

Unlocked cell phones come unlocked out of the box, regardless of whether they were previously opened or not. These are phones that are not available to purchase through a contract with a carrier, and can be bought outright to work with any provider you wish. While Canadian regulations mandate that all phones sold be unlocked going back to Dec. 1, 2017, unlocked and open box handsets are not always synonymous.

Older open box phones, meaning those that would have come to market prior to Dec. 1, 2017, may have originally been locked to a carrier. However, when sold as open box devices, they are unlocked to work with any compatible wireless network. Unless there is an incompatibility of some sort, you can slide in your SIM card and get service from any one of these phones.

What type of open box phones are available?

There is a wide variety of open box phones you can select from. They can be devices as new as the latest iPhone or Android phone, or past models that may have launched over the last few years. You will find different configurations, particularly with colour or storage space, giving you some options.

They can sometimes be flagship models representing the best from a certain manufacturer, like Apple, Samsung, Google, and others. Others may be mid-range or more affordable handsets. Most are smartphones, but you may also find flip phones become available as open box units.