Patio Coffee Tables

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Set up your outdoor space with a patio coffee table

A patio coffee table is an essential piece of patio furniture. Not only will it add a touch of style to your deck, patio, or backyard space, outdoor coffee tables offer storage and room to spread out and entertain.

Why do you need a patio coffee table?

Anyone who would like a comfortable outdoor patio needs a patio coffee table. Outdoor coffee tables are a lot like indoor coffee tables. They have the same rectangle, round, or square shape, and they are designed to hold items you normally place in front of your couch including drinks, plates, lights, or outdoor décor.

Types of outdoor coffee tables

You can find many different types of patio coffee tables. They are mainly designed from resin wicker, wood, wicker, and metal. They are available in multiple colours including brown, black, and grey and have tabletops made from metal, wood, or glass.

A standard patio coffee table is less than 40 cm high so it will sit lower than your outdoor couch. Most rectangular outdoor coffee tables are 60 cm long. There are also outdoor round coffee tables that are slightly higher so they are level with your arm rest.

You’ll be able to leave your patio coffee table outdoors all season long. Some types are UV resistant, rust resistant, and water resistant so they won’t be affected by rain or the hot sun. Some kinds of outdoor coffee tables you’ll find include wicker coffee tables and small tables outdoor to offer storage inside the coffee table. They have a hinge lid that folds back and reveals a space you can use to store blankets, pillows, and any other outdoor décor you’d like to keep dry.

Find outdoor coffee tables from popular brands

There are different styles of outdoor coffee tables available from many brands including Costway, Outsunny, Winmoor, and Crosley Furniture. You can shop based on your favourite brand or choose a style that suits your outdoor space. If you’d like an outdoor coffee table that doesn’t take up the length of your outdoor sofa, you may want to choose a round wicker outdoor coffee table.

If you need more space for storage, you can choose a two-level style of patio coffee table. This type of patio coffee table has a flat surface on top and a second flat surface below for anything extra you need to keep available.

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