Patio Side Tables

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Make your patio more functional with patio side tables

A patio side table is one of the must-have pieces you’ll need when setting up a space to relax outside. They offer you an easy to access spot that will hold drinks, food, and outdoor décor, and they are so versatile you’ll want to add a few to your patio.

What is a patio side table?

A patio side table is a table designed to sit beside a patio sofa or outdoor sectional couch. Although it’s a small table, it’s an important addition to your patio. It keeps your drinks, food, outdoor speaker, or other patio accessories within reach. Depending on what type of patio sofa you have, there are many different types of outdoor side tables to complement it.

Types of patio side tables

Most outdoor side tables have frames made from wood, metal, plastic, or resin wicker. Frame colours will vary but you’ll find most are black, brown, grey, white, or have a natural wood tone. Tabletops are made from wood, metal, glass, or plastic.

You can find different shapes of outdoor side table including round and square. Some are a simple table with legs, while others offer a tabletop and a middle section for additional storage. Some styles will also double as a cover for your propane tank or have an internal compartment to hold your ice bucket.

While most patio side tables are less than 40 cm high, you’ll also find tables as high as 60 cm. Before you choose an outdoor side table, be sure to measure your outdoor sofa to ensure the table you pick will sit at a comfortable level.

How to use a patio side table

How you’ll use your patio side table or tables depends on what your outdoor patio is like. If you have your outdoor patio set up like your living room, with an outdoor TV and outdoor speakers, you’ll want your patio side table to hold the same types of things as an indoor side table. You can place your remote control, charging station for phones and tablets, drinks, and food on your outdoor side table.

If your outdoor space is strictly for enjoying nature, a patio side table can be used to store items you’d like to leave outside but don’t want to be exposed to weather. In that case a patio side table with extra storage is a good choice, and some are shaped like a box with a lid so you can place pillows or outdoor décor inside when you’re not using them.

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