Portable Projectors

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Create a Theatre Experience from Anywhere with a Mini Projector

Mini projectors are always ready to deliver a large picture from anywhere you desire as they are also portable. They make movie nights, slideshows, and presentations quick and easy to set up. Mini projectors are extremely accessible, while still casting a high quality projection onto quite literally any surface. They’re a great entertainment staple to have at home, and also always come in handy in an office. Finding the right projector is simple with Best Buy’s wide selection of small projectors that fit within your budget and deliver what you need.

Get the most out of your small projector

You’ll reap many great benefits when you purchase your mini projector, but the most obvious one is, of course, their portability. Being able to pick up your projector and take it anywhere with you will bring tons of vibrancy to your life. Whether you’re setting up a backdrop for a party, creating a movie-theatre experience for an epic at-home movie night, or giving your best at a work presentation, your portable projector is always handy to set you up for fun and success.

In addition to their portability, portable projectors also decrease installation costs, as they just require their existing one piece to work effortlessly. They come with wireless connectivity and power, but still have ports for HDMI connection and charging, making them easy to connect with your devices and keep powered up.

Travel light with a pocket portable projector

You can find a range of sizes within the portable projectors available, from pocket portable projectors that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, to larger projectors that are ideal for a big crowd of viewers. While still delivering quite a wide picture, pocket projectors are lightweight and fantastic for travelling with. You can set it up anywhere you are without taking up too much room or having too much to lug around. A pocket projector is especially useful for anyone who travels for work, as you have your own set up for presentations and don’t have to worry about stumbling upon technical difficulties in a new office.

Consider what you need from your projector

The portable projector that you choose can be fun for the whole family. If you’re looking for a projector to use with your friends and family at home or camping, you should consider getting a larger sized projector with a wider throw. A home theatre projector would be the most useful when enjoying a slideshow or movie together, since it will deliver a high quality picture on a big surface for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you’re enjoying the show from indoors or outdoors, your portable projector is sure to bring your friends and family together for a great experience with one another.

How to get the best sound with your portable projector

While they do come equipped with built in speakers, portable projectors can also be synched with additional speakers. You can find portable projectors with Bluetooth connectivity, which make synchronicity between your projector, your speakers and your smartphone, tablet or laptop rapid and effortless. For better all-around sound, you can connect with your existing Bluetooth-compatible speaker system. That said, the speakers in many portable projectors are strong enough to enjoy on their own.