Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Unlock a better you.

Unlock your day’s full potential with Samsung Galaxy Watch6, featuring our biggest screen* and advanced wellness insights.

*44mm Galaxy Watch6 model only.

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The smaller and slimmer Galaxy Watch

What to expect with the Galaxy Watch6

The Galaxy Watch6 is smaller and slimmer compared to the larger Galaxy Watch6 Classic, coming in more nimble 40mm and 44mm sizes. It also lacks the physical rotating bezel in the Watch6 Classic, which contributes to the thinner and lighter build for this smartwatch. Its design looks more sporty with the included silicone band, but you can always change it up by swapping out the band for something else.

Like the Galaxy Watch6 Classic, the Galaxy Watch6 has a new one-click band system for switching straps that should make things easier anytime you want to go for something different, either for comfort or an occasion. Despite the smaller stature, this smartwatch still offers the same features from previous models, along with new additions and improved performance.

It retains its durability in the face of tough workouts or an active lifestyle. With IP68 and 5ATM protection, you can take it for a swim or break a real sweat with it and never miss a beat—including a heartbeat, which is what makes this so easy to use while exercising. Give it a good rinse and dry it afterward and the Watch6 will stick with you in your leisure time.

How is the Galaxy Watch6 different?

It may not have a physical bezel, but the Galaxy Watch6 still works in a similar fashion through a touch-based bezel to navigate the interface. The aluminum frame helps protect the screen, which you can also touch to get around the Wear OS-based software.

The Galaxy Watch6 comes with several improvements, including more sleep tracking and the Advanced Sleep Coaching platform available in the Samsung Health app. This way, you can plan your bedtime and have your phone’s microphone detect snoring while asleep to learn and better understand how your sleep stages affect the quality of shut-eye you get every night. All you have to do is wear the watch while you sleep, keep your phone nearby and see what the numbers tell you.

This kind of attention to detail extends to other health and fitness features. One of the newest is an addition to the ECG (electrocardiogram) in the watch through the Continuous Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) that is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy smartphones. What this does is look for an irregular heart rhythm at any given time to spot a potential atrial fibrillation (AFib). While not a replacement for a medical device, the IHRN is like having a consistent monitoring system on your wrist, and could be the first sign that something isn’t quite right.

Fitness and health also merge within returning features like the Body Composition (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) score, which measures your body fat percentage, fat mass, skeletal muscle and body water.

Who is the Galaxy Watch6 for?

The Galaxy Watch6 is more than capable of fitting into a diverse lifestyle. It should feel good and useful regardless of whether you’re active or not, and it shows in how versatile it is. With Wear OS, it is open to a variety of apps developed to work on the watch and in tandem with your Android phone. That can include navigating through an unfamiliar city, paying for things from your wrist, talking to Google Assistant or controlling your music without touching your phone.

The Wi-Fi and LTE variants offer the same features apart from the additional connectivity a dedicated LTE Galaxy Watch6 gives you. Take calls directly from the watch or access your mobile wallet without your phone or cards nearby. There are even apps to collect reward points from your favourite stores.

Whether you’re an avid Galaxy Watch user or new to Samsung’s wearables, there is plenty to explore and do with this multifaceted smartwatch. It also comes in different colours, with both large (44mm) and small (40mm) models available in graphite, along with a small in gold and a silver in large.