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  • Get more for your gaming dollar with a large variety of Used Video Games

    Everybody loves cracking open a brand-new video game, but these days it can be an expensive proposition to regularly shop for new releases. When your gaming budget is limited, it can narrow the number of games you may be able to play. However, one way to stretch your hard-earned dollars into as much gaming action as possible is by considering the previously-played titles offered under Best Buy’s selection of Used Video Games.

    Why buy used video games?

    Not everyone has the luxury of picking up each and every new title the want to play on launch day. Being conscious of your gaming budget—and ultimately taking advantage of the opportunity to save some cash whenever possible—can be a huge benefit. That’s why used video games can be such an appealing proposition, as they are always priced more economically than a brand new copy.

    The really good news as that video games don’t have a finite lifespan. They don’t operate like used cars, wearing down with every mile spun inside a console and losing quality with age. They don’t start to spoil as soon as the plastic wrap is removed either. As long as the disc or cartridge is clean and well kept (all Best Buy previously-played titles are cleaned and verified to be in great condition before hitting shelves), then it doesn’t really matter if a game was previously played for 100 hours, or only popped in the console once. So, it’s easy to see the economic benefits of used video games.

    Shopping for used video games online

    When browsing the vast selection of used video games online at Best Buy, there are a number of filters at your disposal to help you find exactly the type of game you are looking for. For example, you can filter by “Price” to find something that perfectly suits your budget, by “Brand” to find games from your favourite video game developer or publisher, or by “Customer Rating” to find out what other players recommend! You can even filter by “ESRB Rating” to find games ideal for certain age groups, which makes it easy to shop for family and friends.

    Of course, Best Buy also carries a variety of used video games in its physical stores as well, so be sure to pop in and check out the selection when you are on the hunt for a used video game store near you.

    Things to consider when buying used video games

    Unless you really enjoy being the first to unwrap a physical copy of a video game, there is very little downside to buying used. You may wish to consider any pack-ins or additional redemption codes that came with the new game however, as these are often already redeemed by the previous owner of a second hand video game. A used video game may also lack the pre-order incentives that frequently accompany new release titles.

    Often however these are items such as cosmetic skins or other in-game items that, while appealing, are not truly imperative to its overall enjoyment. For this reason, many players are still willing to forego the chance of missing out on pack-in content on the premise that it is outweighed by the financial benefit of buying used. Ultimately it is up to the player to decide if the bonuses intended to incentivize the purchase of a new game are greater than the benefits of shopping for previously played version of the same title.