Wood Pellets BBQs


Get Grilling with a Wood Pellet BBQ

What is a wood pellet BBQ?

Wood pellet BBQs are highly versatile, hybrid type grills that can cook almost any meal to perfection. They combine elements of both gas and charcoal smokers with more traditional oven types—such as you’d find in any standard kitchen, to give backyard chefs the ability to bake, smoke, and beautifully cook just about anything. They use special wood pellets that you have to buy separately as their fuel source, and they come in a variety of different sizes and configurations, though they are not known to be particularly portable. Still, they are relatively clean burning, producing very little ash in comparison to their charcoal counterparts, and the pellets they burn are made from deliciously flavourful woods such as hickory.

What’s the difference between a wood pellet and charcoal BBQ?

One of the key differences between wood pellet and charcoal BBQs is the temperature range that each can easily reach. Wood pellet BBQs are somewhat more limited than charcoal grills in this respect, with most topping out in the 500°F range (if they can reach that high at all). This allows them to maintain a steady, lower temperature than charcoal grills, which many cooks find advantageous. Also notable is the fuel type that each one uses—wood pellets versus charcoal lumps or bricks. Also, wood pellets do range in price and quality, with some being better than others for smoking meats, though this only adds to the range of flavours that one can achieve with a wood pellet BBQ.

Benefits of wood pellet BBQs?

If you enjoy grilling with less smoke, wood pellet BBQs are a great option. Because of the different types of wood pellets you can buy, as well as the ability of wood pellet grills to act almost as convection ovens, this type of grilling is easily achievable. Of course, smoking is still possible with wood pellet BBQs, but the smoke they produce is less acrid than it is with other types of smokers, meaning they can smoke steaks without the meat taking on too strong of a smoky taste and smell. This is perfect if you enjoy your smoky flavours more subtle and refined than many BBQs can achieve.

Do wood pellet BBQs require electricity?

One slight drawback of wood pellet grills is their minor dependence on electricity. Yes, you will have to plug them in, which could greatly limit their portability depending on the type of camping setup you may have. In other words, you’ll need to carry a generator (or have access to some other source of electrical power) if you want to take your wood pellet grill on the road or into the woods. The size of the model you choose may or may not be another limiting factor in this particular area. Still, grilling at home has never tasted better than on a quality wood pellet BBQ. Skilled backyard chefs everywhere absolutely love them!