eufy 2k Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Black

Model Number: E82101W3-5
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eufy 2k Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Black


See every detail of the area around your door with the eufy 2k Wi-Fi video doorbell. Not only does it boast a crisp, clear 2K WDR resolution, but it also allows you to use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for seamless integration into your entire smart home setup. Plus, you can control everything the camera does with the handy eufy Security app for Android and iPhone.


See every detail of the area around your door with the eufy 2k Wi-Fi video doorbell. Not only does it boast a crisp, clear 2K WDR resolution, but it also allows you to use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for seamless integration into your entire smart home setup. Plus, you can control everything the camera does with the handy eufy Security app for Android and iPhone.

  • 2K WDR resolution gives you a clear, full-colour view of the area around the door using the professional-grade lens
  • Wi-Fi connectivity works with eufy HomeBase (included, see manufacturer's website), so setup is simple and quick
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility ensures seamless integration into your entire smart home ecosystem
  • Eufy Security app works with Android and iPhone, and lets you view the video feed and change settings in one convenient place
  • Night vision capability ensures even low-light conditions still give you a clear picture of who is at the door
  • Real-time live viewing means you can see everything outside whenever you want to
  • Motion sensors kick on whenever they detect anything, so you won't miss important events or deliveries
  • Up to 6 months of battery life or an optional wired connection means reliable, long-lasting performance
  • eufy is part of Anker Innovations Limited, one of the leading consumer electronic brands in America
Video Door Bell
Smart Access Type
Video Doorbell
Home Entry
Garage Entry
Control Type
Black; White


Works with Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa
Works with Apple HomeKit
Device Compatibility
Operating environment
Indoor & Outdoor


Hub/Bridge Requirements
eufy HomeBase
Eufy Security
Manual Control
Two-Way Communication


Automatic Locking/Unlocking
Remote Operation
Remote Monitoring
Auto-Shut Off
Entry/Exit History
Push Notifications
Alert Method
Yes - app notification
Built-In Siren
Motion Sensors
Built-in Camera
Max Camera Resolution
3MP Super HD
Free Cloud Recording
Night Vision
Video Colour
LED Indicator
Power Input
Battery Operated
Battery Life
6-Month (* In the condition of 10 events per day, 20s recording length each.)
Lights Control
Geo Fencing


14 cm
2.79 cm
5.41 cm
500 g
  • Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered)
  • Screw Hole Positioning-Card
  • Mounting Bracket
  • 15 Degree Wedge
  • Usb Charging Cable
  • Extension Wires (For Hardwired Connection)
  • Screw Packs
  • Doorbell Detaching Pin
  • Homebase
  • Power Adapter (For Homebase)
  • Ethernet Cable (For Homebase)
  • Quick Start Guide

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    Reviewed by Curmudgeon1 - May 6, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] There are numerous video doorbells available to select from, and Eufy is not the most familiar brand name among them. Eufy is produced by Anker, a very well-known and respected manufacturer of cell phone accessories, which has also earned a reputation for excellent customer service. When comparing the specifications and product claims for this new model of Eufy Smart Video Doorbell to the other dominant brands, it was compelling. The Eufy Smart Video Doorbell is the latest model in the expanding line of Eufy home security video products. Eufy’s 2560 x 1920, 2k at 15 fps resolution with 4:3 aspect ratio and a Sony 2k sensor is a great improvement over the 1920 x 1080, 1080p resolution typical of most of the other doorbell camera models. Another very appealing feature is that all videos are stored locally on the Eufy HomeBase2 unit which is also connected to the home Wi-Fi network, and is equipped with 16 GB of eMMC flash memory. Therefore, no cloud storage account is required with an additional, recurring fee, (optional cloud storage is available, if desired) and no arbitrary time limit for video storage is imposed. 16GB of storage will hold many videos for a long time, before overwriting older files. The Eufy package includes the doorbell camera unit with mounting plate, a 15° angled wedge (if needed), the HomeBase2 unit and all necessary cables and mounting hardware. The Eufy can be hardwired to existing 8-24 volt doorbell wiring, or it can operate solely on the internal, 6500 mAh rechargeable battery, which Eufy claims will last six months between charges. Whether or not the battery will average a full six months of operation on a single charge remains to be seen, and the life-span of the non-replaceable battery is obviously also an unknown. Initial setup of the Eufy Smart Video Doorbell is generally straightforward. The product immediately searches for firmware updates, which failed three times during the setup. Unplugging the Homebase2 power supply and reattempting setup resulted in the firmware download and installation being accomplished in just a few short minutes. The printed Quick Start Guide which accompanies the device provides sufficiently clear instructions for activating the Eufy Smart Video Doorbell. Initial setup and all device configuration and management functions require installation of the Eufy smartphone app. During the activation process, the Homebase2 unit provides audio instructions and status, as well. The phone app is very good and the step-by-step setup guidance is excellent. The glaring exception to the otherwise excellent setup instructions, is that once the Homebase2 is set up using the required (and supplied) Ethernet cable (connecting directly to the Wi-Fi router), the setup process completes without another process step or any guidance for connecting the Homebase2 to the network via Wi-Fi. The process is quite simple and straightforward, but requires the user to explore the app to find the process, which is to access “Devices” > “Homebase2” > “Connection” > “Wi-Fi Setup”. The app should automatically offer a Wi-Fi Setup step, prior to finishing the setup process, and this important step should also be documented in the Quick Start Guide. The foregoing minor issue is exacerbated by the lack of documentation for the Eufy Smart Video Doorbell. There is no User Manual / Guide (neither printed nor downloadable PDF). The Quick Start Guide furnished in the package is only intended to support the initial setup process and the physical mounting/installation of the camera. A detailed and comprehensive User Guide is needed and appropriate, and hopefully will be forthcoming (as evidenced by the currently inactive link on the Eufy website). The smartphone app is generally excellent. It is very robust and includes many features, none of which are documented, and all of which require exploration by the user. Among the important features and options which should be configured are those of motion detection, video quality, power management and more. Based on using the most advantageous camera mounting angle available at the entry, the 15° wedge was employed. It would have been even better if an additional wedge of perhaps 22.5° was also available to truly optimize this particular camera mounting situation. Motion detection sensitivity initially appeared to be insufficient, resulting in reconfiguring the motion activity zone to the maximum extents, setting the unit for the highest sensitivity and most aggressive motion detection settings. The change of settings improved motion detection, and did not result in many false activations by passing vehicular traffic (only one, isolated instance). Still, people approaching the front entry camera are typically only detected by the camera at a distance of approximately 10’ in most instances. The AI capabilities support detection and differentiation of humans from pets or other moving objects in the active detection zone. The human detection and face recognition features produced inconsistent results. Some recorded events and phone app notifications included a thumbnail of the visitors face, but many did not even though the person’s face had been presented to the camera during the recording. By design, the camera conserves battery power by “sleeping” until awakened by motion detection or manual viewing through the app or web portal. (The web portal allows for live camera viewing, even if no cloud storage subscription is established for recorded events). There is a latency interval while the camera awakens and the Homebase2 records video, and there is a few seconds of delay for the transmission of the smartphone alert. Electing to view the live camera feed upon receipt of alerts encounters an additional several seconds of delay until that live video feed is presented in the app. Additionally, there is no pre-recording buffer in this model, ostensibly to conserve battery power and extend intervals between recharges. If the camera is connected to existing doorbell power, the battery charge is maintained. If the camera is operated in battery mode, recharging the non-removable, non-replaceable internal battery requires dismounting the camera and attaching it to the Homebase2 via the supplied USB-A to Mini USB cable. If capitalizing on the higher resolution 2560x1920 video is meaningful and important, as it should be, note that although the live feed video will always be at the highest resolution (available bandwidth allowing), the recorded videos of events may not. At the default “Streaming Quality” setting of “Auto”, all of the recorded mp4 videos were only 1024x768. Changing the setting to “High” ensures that all recorded videos are 2560x1920 2k. The camera is mounted 17’ from the Homebase2 with only the door intervening. The Homebase2 is located 18’ from a Mesh network node. The Eufy app allows for testing of the Wi-Fi connectivity between the Homebase2 and the Wi-Fi router, and for the connection between the camera and the Homebase2. In this installation the Eufy app declared connectivity to be “Great”. This begs the question of why the “Auto” setting for streaming quality resulted in 1024x768 recordings. Perhaps this is intended to conserve both camera battery and Homebase2 storage capacity (with the smaller files); however that defeats one of the most significant benefits of the system in producing 2k video. The system operates by the camera transmitting data to the Homebase2 via a private 2.4 GHz connection. The Homebase2 communicates with the Eufy servers, which communicate with the smartphone app via a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection to the user’s router (or via Ethernet cable direct to the router). 5 GHz Wi-Fi is not supported. Eufy represents utilizing 256 bit AES encryption both in video transmission and storage on the Homebase2. However, it is not clear if videos being streamed or downloaded (via the app to the smartphone – which then also allows for sharing of the video via email) are decrypted on the Eufy servers or at the endpoint by the app on the phone. For true security purposes, the decryption would have to be performed on the user’s smartphone. Both short videos and still shots (captured manually from live streaming) have been averaging between 2 MB and 5 MB. A one minute, 2560x1920 2k video is approximately 12.4 MB. Based on that essentially maximum file size for a maximum length video, the 16 GB internal storage has the capacity to store 1,290 of those atypically long videos before the device will start overwriting the old files. Obviously, video length dictates file size. Most automated event video clips range from 15 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute. There has been significant variability in video length under essentially identical physical circumstances. Bidirectional audio communication is supported between the doorbell camera and the smartphone app, however it experiences a very significant level of latency / audio delay which can be frustrating and impair effective communication. (Obviously, neither party is going to signal that they are done speaking for the moment, in order to allow the other person to speak). Overall, the Eufy Smart Video Doorbell is generally excellent. It supports integration with other Eufy devices (i.e. surveillance cameras) as well as Alexa and Google Voice Assistant. Thus far, people approaching the camera have been detected rapidly enough to capture their image during their approach, rather than their retreat from the doorbell camera, which is essential to a doorbell camera actually being useful, rather than merely being ornamental. I am comfortable with recommending the Eufy Smart Doorbell Camera as it appears to be a good, solid performer, with a robust feature set including some helpful AI capabilities, and an excellent smartphone app.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • My Favorite New Toy
    Reviewed by pillboy - May 10, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery Powered) Set comes to you as a base station and the doorbell/camera as the two major components — assorted fasteners and cords are also included. The one major thing missing (at least it was “major” for me), is a “mounting wedge” to aid in mating the doorbell to the siding on the house. At this time (May 2020) eufy doesn’t offer one as an accessory as some competing doorbells do, but I found what I needed on that well-known online auction site. With all of the many variations on siding styles it can be hard for a manufacturer to supply the all the parts that any and every customer might need. Resourceful do-it-yourselfers should have no issues, but some other buyers might need to hire a “handyman” to do the installation of the exterior doorbell. We have a “security system” in the house from a well known company (begins with “H”) and the phone app that they supply has been nothing but problematic, glitchy and generally “sucky” since day-one. The app that eufy has developed for this video doorbell and security system has been nothing short of wonderful. Being in my early sixties, I am no techie nerd, but I am not a complete newbie either when it comes to this stuff. The team working on this product has their act together and made this thing work correctly before pushing it out the door prematurely. There are quite a number of settings for both the doorbell and the base station to allow you to tailor the devices to your needs and the particular situation they will be used in — I am still experimenting with these variables. The video from the doorbell’s camera is clear, nicely color-balanced and very “usable” even on the smallish screen of my iPhone 8. The video doesn’t stutter or freeze, the saved “events” are organized logically and they are easy and quick to retrieve. The night vision of the camera is exceptional. Both my wife and I set up an account with eufy and this way we both get notifications on our phones. There is also a eufy Security app in the Mac App Store which I installed on my MacBook. This app is not at all like the mobile app, and it has more to do with managing and storing downloaded video clips from the base station. There is no “live view” from the camera that I can find nor are you able to answer the door if someone rings the bell. It would be nice if this app had the same functionality as the phone app so I could monitor things while I am using the computer without having to have my phone nearby. Anker Innovations is the parent company and I’m sure many people are familiar with Anker’s computer and phone accessories. We have had their products in our house for many years and I have never had an issue with any of them. The eufy line of products consists of many security related items such as external cameras, and door and motion sensors, and allows a user to expand this basic security set into a really complete system. After researching it, I was surprised to learn just how extensive the eufy product line is. The best part of this system is that the base station contains 16GB of local, self-contained storage and there is no ongoing monthly fee to pay to access your video clips that are saved. This Battery-Powered version of eufy’s video doorbell claims up to 180 days between charges of the built-in battery. I hooked mine up to my existing doorbell wiring mainly for aesthetics since there were holes in my permanent siding from the old doorbell and a wire sticking out. The availability of having a wireless system will undoubtedly be useful and desirable to some customers where running wiring would be impossible or expensive. This also allows the doorbell to activate my existing chime. The base station has a built-in electronic chime, so you could position it elsewhere in the house in an area where you might not hear the main chime. This doorbell also features two-way audio so you can acknowledge someone at your door whether you are at home or not. Both my wife and I found the volume out at the doorbell a little weak even when the volume is set to maximum. I wear hearing aids, but she still has really good hearing and she said it is a little soft. The volume is sufficient in a quiet suburban setting, but I suspect it might not be loud enough in a busy city location. This system also interfaces with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, neither of which I can comment on as we don’t use them. A downside for some people is the inability to integrate with an IFTTT system — I don’t need this feature but when discussing the eufy system with a friend he pointed this out as a downside for himself. The packaging states that the doorbell is IP65 Weatherproof and can work in temperature extremes from -4°F to 122°F. I live in Minnesota, so we’ll see how this functions next winter when we see some temperatures in the teens below zero. I’m not sure if this specification is related to the electronics working in these temps or if it is related only to the batteries — being I have the doorbell hardwired it might be a moot point. The doorbell is designed to be water resistant so it can be mounted in locations that are unprotected from the rain. I experienced no issues during set-up of the system, app installation, or connectivity of the devices. The hardware all has a real quality feel to it. The doorbell itself has a nice heft to it which can cause an orientation issue when attached to vinyl siding which is rather flimsy by design. If there is any “slop” in the siding, hanging this somewhat heavy device on it might cause it to lean forward at the top and it could be enough to affect the field of view that the camera sees. I am new to the home video surveillance game and am somewhat uneducated when it comes to feature sets of all of the competing systems that are on the market. I have been interested in getting one of these devices for some time now, but was put off by the need to subscribe to a service. The eufy Security system has done away with this requirement and that alone was enough to entice me to install this system. Anyone with similar feelings should not be disappointed by this system based on my admittedly limited experience so far, but poorly designed products, either hardware or software, usually manifest their shortcomings almost immediately, and I have found none with this product. Based on what I have experienced so far, I have no reservations about recommending the eufy Security system to anyone looking to dip their toes into this type of technology. For those of you still reading this far, I want to mention a few issues I had when it came to installing the doorbell on my 35 year old house with typical vinyl siding — those of you without vinyl siding can stop at this point. This doorbell is HUGE compared to the traditional doorbell your house probably currently has mounted by your front door. For me, this caused a few issues with my vinyl siding. The sheathing under my siding is what is generically called “structural fiberboard” and is basically ground up wood fiber with wax and resin to hold it together — it is not as structurally sound as plywood or oriented strand board sheathing and does not hold fasteners well, but is a widely used product. This means that the screws used to hold the doorbell onto the wall have very little to grip onto — really just the thin vinyl of the siding — and it would take very little to rip the doorbell away from my siding. The mounting bracket that the doorbell snaps into is about 5 inches tall…and my siding is 4-inch lap siding. This means that the doorbell bracket extends onto two “laps” of the siding. Which means the doorbell can’t really be mounted plumb without some sort of spacer between the doorbell bracket and the siding — this is usually referred to as a “mounting wedge” and one side of it is contoured to match the profile of the house siding. Other video doorbell manufacturers offer a mounting wedge as an optional accessory. I could not find this available from eufy, but did find a entrepreneur making them with a 3D printer specifically for the eufy battery-powered doorbell and designed to fit 4-inch lap vinyl siding — this source does offer mounting wedges for other styles of siding. One thing that did go my way was that I had to use the wire extensions that eufy provides in this kit and the mounting wedge has a cavity in the middle of it which provided space for the excess wire and the wire nuts to reside in once everything is assembled and mounted. If you have a plumb, smooth, area made of real wood or cement board, and it is where your current doorbell is mounted, life will be much easier when mounting any video doorbell. My main concern with the installation is that my permanent siding is already 25 years old and will easily last another 25 years, and like virtually every electronic product out there, video doorbells are a device I do not expect to last 20 years. My intent when mounting it was to minimize the additional holes I put into my siding and to also have the ability to revert back to a traditional doorbell in the future and have it cover any holes in the siding — simply for aesthetics. My doorbell was located about six inches from my door frame and vinyl siding usually terminates into a “J-channel” where the siding abuts doors and windows. There is slop built into vinyl siding parts to allow for expansion and contraction of the siding with temperature changes. I had to slip in a couple small clear plastic shims where the siding by the doorbell met with the J-channel. This was needed to keep the doorbell somewhat plumb because its weight would make the siding sag and the doorbell droop forward affecting the camera’s field of view. For me, mounting the doorbell in a way that pleased me and allowed for intended functionality took way more time than all of the other parts of setting this system up.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Security without a subscription bill
    Reviewed by ferrari - May 8, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Since I had recently installed the Eufy security camera/floodlight, and was happy with the performance, I thought the video doorbell would make a good addition. I've checked out the competition, but the last thing I need is another monthly bill. I was impressed with how easily the security camera set up, and the doorbell was no different. Easy intuitive instructions - download the app, and just follow it along. I set it up at night, and was playing around with it prior to installing it the following day. Great 2K video quality. You have the choice of either setting it up standalone, in which case the onboard battery needs to be recharged every couple of months (company claim is for up to 6 months), but I went with the permanent installation using my existing doorbell wiring. You can either mount it flat against the doorframe, or they include an angled mount, which I chose. If you look at the enclosed picture, I have the doorbell cam angled towards the door, the security cam on the other side of the door angled in, so I'm getting greater than 180 degree field of vision between the two of them. The camera, besides having 2K video, is intelligent, meaning it is set for human detection, and you won't be getting unnecessary alerts for critter intrusions. You can also use the app software to set a zone of detection; ie, pedestrian traffic or kids playing on the lawn will be ignored. The indoor piece of this, the chime/recording unit, is small, has a pleasant tone, and is smartly designed. I've included a photo of it sitting on my kitchen counter along with Alexa and my Orbi Wifi unit for comparison. So far, it's performed flawlessly. And the kicker is - no monthly bill!

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great video doorbell setup!
    Reviewed by joecaffe - May 6, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is a great doorbell package that comes with a home base unit that includes both the chime and 16GB of video storage so you're not forced to use a paid cloud service. The camera has a wide enough focal width that, coupled with the included mounting wedge, gives an unobtrusive view of my front door. The clarity and color reproduction, even in low light, is quite impressive from a doorbell. Certainly far better than the unit I previously had that incorporated into my home phone. As such, the mounting bracket for this unit matched perfectly to the holes for the old unit making installation a breeze. I wanted it wired eventhough it has a battery, so I swapped the 6V adapter for a 12V unit that would be sufficient to charge the battery according to the manual. Beware, online help states the unit requires 16V minimum which is not the case and is only for the unit without the battery. Setting up the wireless connections was straightforward and relatively easy. You can set up the type of notification you want sent to your phone from a large pic, thumb pic, or text only. I found text only is nearly instantaneous whereas the others require a few minutes before sending. There are various settings for home, away, geofencing, and schedule to setup recording parameters. Also power management allows you to tailor the operation based on battery life. I particularly like how the built-in AI distinguishes between people and animals or insects that might trigger it. If you are having people over and will be remaining outside by the front door, you could set the notifications to snooze for a couple of hours so you're not bombarded with bleeps. The home base is attractive and small enough to occupy a space on the foyer table without standing out. The chime is loud enough to be heard throughout the house. If the phone is not nearby, I connected it to my Google home hub to show video feed when doorbell rings. Though the lag is about 5 seconds or so, it's a great way to safely communicate without opening the door these days. Only 2 things missing that would be nice to have, expandable storage and selectable chimes. Not a deal breaker, but would've been nice. All in all, a great system that has everything you need.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Amazing doorbell for the price.
    Verified BuyerReviewed by Hollandatc - November 7, 2020

    Purchased this as an apartment dweller. The owner was kind enough to allow me to install it. Eufy has a clear field of view (if mounted according to instructions) from the top of the door to the door seal. Images are clear even at night without the porch light off. Most importantly for me no online storage fees. The doorbell mounts make such small holes you can take the bell with you when you move.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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