Google Nest Wi-Fi Smart Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation - Stainless Steel

Model Number: T3007EF
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Turn yours into a smart home with the Google Nest Learning Thermostat. It remembers what temperatures you like, learns your schedule, and programs itself to save energy. Its sharp 2.08" LCD display with Farsight lights up when you approach. WiFi connected, you can control it with your mobile device, and use it with numerous compatible smart home products.
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    Google Nest Wi-Fi Smart Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation - Stainless Steel
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    "Your home is your castle. But, castles can be notoriously hard to heat. Thankfully, you've got the Google Nest Learning Thermostat. It uses learning technology to figure out your schedule and your heating and cooling preferences to reduce your energy usage and save you money. Easy to install, it connects with your existing home network over WiFi and can be controlled from your mobile device, laptop, or computer. With a larger display and thinner design, the 3rd generation Google Nest Learning Thermostat is easier to read and includes Farsight that offers even easier readability from across the room.

    Nest offers additional convenience and functionality with the Works with Nest Initiative. You can use Nest to link up with other Works with Nest compatible smart devices: A smart garage door can tell Nest when you've left the house, a smart door lock can notify Nest about who's arrived home and what temperature they prefer, and smart appliances can go into energy saving mode when Nest tells them that you're away. Saving on your energy bill and creating a connected home is easier than ever with the Google Nest Learning Thermostat.

    What you need to know:

    • Innovation upgraded: The 3rd generation Google Nest Learning Thermostat is slimmer, but offers a big 2.08" 24-bit colour LCD display, with sharper 480 x 480 resolution that makes it even easier to read. With Farsight, it knows you're around and lights up so you can check the temperature, or time, at a glance from across the room.
    • Reduce your energy bill: Nest uses smart learning technology and learns your schedule and heating/cooling preferences over time. It then takes this data and programs itself in a way that reduces overall energy usage up to 20%. The environment and your wallet will thank you.
    • Smart savings: Nest is smart enough to turn down the thermostat when you're away at work, and it displays the Leaf icon to show you when it's at a temperature that's saving you money. Airwave automatically reduces air conditioning usage when indoor humidity isn't too high, so you'll get reduced energy bills while keeping the house cool.
    • Connectivity: Nest connects with your home's WiFi network so you can control it from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere in the world. Compatible with mobile devices that use iOS 8 or later, or Android 4 or later with the free Nest app and Bluetooth 4.0 or set it up from your computer using USB connectivity and a web browser.
    • Remote monitoring: You can view Energy History on the Nest Mobile or Web apps so you can get detailed information about your energy usage and figure out how best to save. Plus, Nest lets you know something is out of the ordinary, like if the temperature is too low or too high, with an alert to your mobile device. You can even control your Google Nest Thermostat from your Apple Watch.
    • Weather aware: Nest monitors weather conditions so it can figure out how outdoor temperatures and weather affects your heating and cooling needs.
    • Works with Nest Initiative: Since Nest is smart and WiFi-connected, it's able to work with a variety of other smart devices to provide additional convenience and functionality, and the list of compatible devices is growing all the time.
    • Easy installation: As easy as installing a lighting fixture, Nest is simple to install, and probably in less than 30 minutes. If you'd rather let a professional handle it, you can contact a Google Nest Pro to install Nest, remove and recycle your old thermostat, and connect Nest to your WiFi network.

    Nest works with over 95% of 24V heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, oil, solar, hot water, geothermal, forced air, heat pump and radiant.

    • Heating: one, two, and three stages (W1, W2, W3)
    • Cooling: 1 and 2 Stages (Y1, Y2)
    • Heat Pump: with auxiliary and emergency heat (O/B, AUX, E)
    • Fan (G)
    • Power (C, Rh, Rc)
    • Whole home humidifier or dehumidifier (HUM, DEHUM)* - professional installation recommended
    • Dual fuel systems (heat pump with furnace)* - professional installation recommended
    • Common wire not required in 99% of installations

    The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is not compatible with line voltage, millivolt systems or low voltage systems with incompatible wires. The Google Nest Thermostat is not compatible with some systems without a common wire installed.

    The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is only compatible with low voltage 24 volt systems, not line voltage or millivolt systems. While most low voltage systems are compatible with the Google Nest Thermostat, here are some exceptions:

    Incompatible systems:

    • Remote sensors. While the Google Nest Thermostat may be compatible with this system, it won't be able to gather data from existing remote sensors.
    • Proprietary systems. Proprietary systems use a serial communications protocol to communicate between the system and the thermostat. The Google Nest Thermostat can't communicate with serial protocols, though some proprietary systems can be wired with standard HVAC wires.
    • Some micro-controller based systems. Systems that use micro-controllers instead of relays are sometimes more sensitive to power sharing. If so, the Google Nest Thermostat may need a common wire to be compatible with these systems.
    • High impedance systems. Some systems with particularly high impedance can't deliver enough power to the Google Nest Thermostat over the HVAC wires. If so, the Google Nest Thermostat will need a common wire to be compatible with these systems.
    • Incompatible wiring:
    • Three stage cooling. The 2nd generation Google Nest Learning Thermostat is only compatible with systems that have one and two stage cooling.
    • International systems. Some international systems, such as Buderus boilers, have dry contacts or other incompatible wiring. These systems may require relay panels in order to be installed with standard American thermostat wiring.
    • Heat pumps with L wires. The Google Nest Thermostat doesn't support Service Indicator (L) wires.
    Incompatible hardware:

    Zone relay panels or control panels. Some systems have control panels or equipment interface modules that require a common wire to be compatible with the Google Nest Thermostat.

    Here's a list of known panels that require a common wire:

    • Honeywell AQ25110B
    • Honeywell EMM-3
    • Honeywell TZ-4
    • Honeywell HZ311
    • Bryant 548F036
    • White-Rogers 36C03-300
    • Carrier HK42FZ011
    • Nordyne 624631-A
    • Nordyne 903915A
    • Waterfurnace ATV045A 110CIT

    Some gas valves on systems vibrate or buzz when the Google Nest Thermostat is installed. This can usually be fixed by connecting a common wire.

    Learning Thermostat
    Works with Google Assistant
    Works with Amazon Alexa
    Works with Apple HomeKit
    Works with Nest
    Device Compatibility
    Works with Nest; IFTTT
    Works Offline
    Heating/Cooling System Compatibility
    Nest Works with over 95% of 24V Heating and Cooling Systems; Gas, Electric, Oil, Solar, Hot Water, Geothermal, Forced Air, Heat Pump and Radiant
    Wiring Compatibility
    Nest App
    Operation Modes
    Heat; Cool; Heat+Cool
    Multiple Zones
    Motion Activated
    Remote Controlled
    Multi Stage Control
    Backup Battery
    Compatible Systems
    Works With Nest; Insteon; Control4; Crestron; RTI; URC


    8.4 cm
    8.4 cm
    2.69 cm
    205.4 g
    • Thermostat Display
    • Base
    • Optional Trim Kit
    • Mounting Screws and Labels
    • Nest Screwdriver
    • Installation Guide
    • Welcome Guide
    • Nest Pro Installation Card

    • Super satisfied!

      from Red Deer, AB on 9 février 2019

      The Nest Thermostat is simply a great all-round little product. The install was super easy. I am no handyman, but the easy to follow instruction made it look like I was. The programming of the thermostat was also a breeze. I now have it on a schedule and, with Google Assistant, I can change the temperature by voice command. Sweet!!! The product is compatible with most furnaces, but it is always better to double check. Hang on the your receipt, just in case.. I have it since Jan. 2019 and I am super satisfied! Thanks Nest!

    • Installation a Breeze

      from Port Severn, ON on 29 octobre 2018

      Read the instructions and then watched the video. After doing both then followed the instructions and everything went as it should - very easy to install. Setting up was easy and understandable - have the Nest Thermostat on both my smart phone and laptop. Both applications work well.

    • Support is non-existent

      from Etobicoke, ON on 19 juin 2018

      I needed professional installation because my system has a multi-speed fan. Setup an email through the nest website. Says that I will be contacted within 48 hours. Waiting over a month for the simply home installer to schedule an appointment. Nothing. When I call, the staff are rude, dismissive and arrogant. Emails are unanswered. Calls are useless. Don’t buy it if you need professional installation.

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