Ooma Telo Smart Home Phone Service


  • Good quality at a cost

    from Mississauga on 31 août 2019

    I have been with Ooma for over a year and i have had no issues with the service. However the "free" service will continue to cost you with fees that continue to increase every few months. (911 +compliance fee+taxes). I suspect, at this rate of increase, i will drop the service after 3.5Years.

  • Ooma

    from Mississauga on 14 juillet 2019

    I love it!

  • tank you

    from deep pocket on 1 juin 2019

    look by bestbuy

  • Telo doesn't last

    from Toronto, ON on 2 février 2019

    Be aware that you will likely end up replacing the telo in less than 4 years. I have been pleased with it, but not the life span.

  • BUY OOMA TELO AIR 2 instead

    from Gatineau, QC on 14 décembre 2018

    This device must be connected directly to the router. Far better to purchase the Ooma Telo Air 2 and place this device (which has the answering machine keys) next to your phone in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Otherwise if you place this unit in the laundry room or basement, you have to run down there to get your messages. Alternatively, if you have purchased this device, you can purchase a wireless/Bluetoon USB adapter to achieve the same functionality as the Telo Air.

  • Amazing and saves us money every month

    from Laval, QC on 23 novembre 2018

    Have had Ooma for about 8 months now. Love it, calls are clear and no issues. May I add that I am saving on the price of a monthly residential line with the telephone company. Have bought others units for family as presents

  • Good Product!

    from Pike Bay, Ontario on 14 novembre 2018

    Installed as per instructions and had the unit up and running in under an hour. After it completed the appropriate updates it was ready for use. My old number ported over after 2-1/2 weeks and we are enjoying good voice quality through the unit. The ability to forward calls to the mobile app is a useful bonus. Previously had a land-line and long distance plan. This saves us a bundle.

  • Very clear

    from Cambridge, ON on 20 septembre 2018

    Very clear voice, reliable, best phone service available. I've had it for over a year and no problems yet.

  • As advertised

    from Saskatoon, SK on 1 février 2018

    Ran into a few hick ups installing the unit. We had a red light for the first hour or so. After a live chat with customer service it turns out the unit had to upgrade. We installed it after our router and ended up with bad jitter. After installing it in front of the router all was good. Now we are waiting 4 weeks to have our number ported over and then we can pull the pin on our 32 dollar a month service. Call quality is great so far, no issues. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Poor service

    from Toronto, ON on 4 janvier 2018

    Unfortunately the service is poor and stops working leaving you with no telephone. Their chat service is unable to help and you have to use a cell phone to call for support which takes several hours. Not recommended at all.