Rocketfish - 2-Output HDMI Splitter with 4K and HDR Pass-Through- Only at Best Buy


  • works as designed

    from Toronto, ON on 8 mai 2019

    easy to setup. seems to work most of the time. though initially there's no volume at times but then you just switch channels and switch back and any issues are resolved


    from Alberta on 3 mai 2019

    it works the majority of the time, occasionally we'll have to unplug the main source HDMI to get it to split to the second screen as only one screen shows.

  • Get Netflix working on Xiaomi Mi Box

    from Montréal, QC on 22 septembre 2018

    Did you purchase the Xiaomi Android TV Mi box or similar for netflix viewing purposes and to your disappoint receive an error message from Netflix after a couple of seconds of playback. This points to an HDCP incompatibility (according to netflix) between your "older" TV and the Mi box signalling that you do not have a secure (HDCP | encrypted) connection between the Mi box and netflix. So, netflix will refuse to provide you a continuous single. Although Xiaomi is an authorized netflix partner, netflix is playing hardball with them when it comes to providing the appropriate signal. The Rocketfish HDMI splitter will provide to appropriate "handshake" between netflix and your Android TV allowing for a continuous stream (without an error message). A expensive add on for what it is worth but still with the Mi box and rocketfish HDMI splitter, you come in under the price of an NVIDIA Shield. Think twice about investing in a Mi box rather than going with a more expensive Shield that works flawlessly right out of the box.

  • Strips HDCP 2.2 DRM

    from Fredericton, NB on 5 janvier 2018

    easiest way to get 4k bluray players and 4K Netlfix working with pre HDCP 2.2 4K capable equipment.