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Protect your image

Our tablet cases provide protection without sacrificing style.

Big sound,
Small package

Explore audio accessories
for your tablet.

Adapt to life
on the road

Charge your device anywhere with portable power and batteries.

DeX Mode

Use the built in DeX Mode for ultimate productivity. DeX Mode lets you seamlessly switch from tablet mode to a PC-like experience – it’s so intuitive that when the keyboard is attached, it automatically switches to the mode that best suits your need. Easily share your screen, project videos through the screen mirroring functionality, or use the Dual Mode to connect your tablet to your monitor and use your tablet as a touchpad. View multiple windows at one time, drag and drop content between apps and enjoy your favourite content in full screen mode for easier multi-tasking and enhanced productivity.

Enhanced S Pen

Enjoy accurate writing and drawing with the enhanced S Pen1, which comes included with the Tab S4. The S Pen is lighter and easy to use, optimized for comfort even while using it for a long period of time. With no charging needed, you can write for as long as you like – without even having to unlock your tablet. Create handwritten notes, GIF images and emojis that further capture your inspiration, or use the S Pen to drag and drop content from one application to another.

Immersive Display, Enhanced Sound

With its 10.5" display and 16:10 screen ratio, the Tab S4 offers an exceptional screen-to-body ratio for an immersive viewing experience. Enjoy rich, true-to-life sound with quad-rotational Dolby speakers tuned by AKG for a complete entertainment experience.2

Home Experience

When you aren't using your Tab S4, the POGO stand3 creates a home concierge experience, displaying your calendar, news reports, entertainment hub and home controls – enabling a convenient and seamless home experience. Check the news, schedule a meeting, control your lights, adjust the temperature, play music and so much more. Plus with Samsung Flow, you can sync seamlessly to your phone, allowing you to easily share various types of content between multiple devices.

  • 1 Enhanced compared to previous releases of the S Pen.
  • 2 Dolby Atmos effect is also supported through Bluetooth speakers and earbuds.
  • 3 POGO stand sold separately.

Productivity Powerhouse

The Samsung Galaxy Book is the ideal productivity tool. Experience the power of a laptop in Galaxy Book without worrying about lag thanks to its powerful processor and fast-charging battery for extended usage. As a Windows 10 device, Microsoft Office is pre-installed, so typing up reports or creating presentations on the enhanced island-style keyboard is quick and easy.

Pen with precision

Open a world of possibilities with the advanced S Pen. The precise, pressure responsive S Pen navigates with ease and is great for making notes and sketches. It is included in the box and never requires charging. You can also use Air Command to quickly access useful features and share your creations online with ease.

Sync Seamlessly

Experience seamless connectivity between your Galaxy Book and your smartphone. With Samsung Flow, you can easily switch between the two, allowing you to pause an activity on your smartphone and pick it right up from the same point on your Galaxy Book. You can also unlock your Galaxy Book with your smartphone and change devices as you need to.

Discover a new class of tablet
with the Tab S3.

Available in Black and Silver.

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Cinematic Experience

Discover a captivating mobile entertainment experience with Samsung’s first tablet to feature quad speakers. Immersive sound and Super AMOLED display with HDR video compatibility bring your favourite content to the next level.

Charge Fast, For Less Downtime

The Tab S3 is the first tablet to support fast
charging, with up to 12 hours of video playback
time for less downtime.

Pen With Precision

The advanced S Pen writes naturally and never requires charging. Write notes, draw pictures, edit videos, or translate text and even jot something down when the screen is locked.

Simple Connection,
Flawless Typing

Do more by simply attaching the magnetic keyboard* to the Tab S3. The optimized layout and increased space between keys helps to eliminate errors for an enhanced experience on a tablet.

  • * Keyboard accessory sold separately.


The Samsung Tab family has the versatility and choice that helps you choose the product that is right for you and your loved ones, from our best-in-class Tab S series to the everyday productivity Tab A series, to unbeatable value Tab E series.

Galaxy Tab S4
Galaxy Tab S3
Galaxy Tab A
Galaxy Tab E
Display Technology Super AMOLED Super AMOLED TFT TFT
Display Size 10.5" 9.7" 10.1"
Display Resolution [10.5”] 2560 x 1600 (287ppi) [9.7”] 2048 x 1536 (264ppi) [10.1"] 1920 x 1200 (132ppi)
[8.0"] 1024x768 (160ppi)
[7.0"] 1280x800 (216ppi)
[9.6"] 1280 x 800 (157ppi)
[8.0"] 1280 x 800 (189ppi)
[7.0"] 1024 x 600 (169ppi)
CPU Speed [10.5”] 2.35GHz,1.9GHz [9.7”] 2.15GHz + 1.6GHz [10.1"] 1.6 GHz
[8.0"] 1.2 GHz
[7.0"] 1.3 GHz
[9.6"] 1.2 GHz
[8.0"] 1.3 GHz
[7.0"] 1.3 GHz
CPU Type Quad-Core Quad-Core [10.1"] Octa-Core
[8.0"] Quad Core
[7.0"] Quad Core
[9.6"] Quad Core
[8.0"] Quad Core
[7.0"] Quad Core
Operating System Android Android Android Android
Main Camera [10.5”] 13 MP [9.7”] 13 MP [10.1"] 8.0 MP
[8.0"] 5.0 MP
[7.0"] 5.0 MP
[9.6"] 5.0 MP
[8.0"] 5.0 MP
[7.0"] 2.0 MP
Front Camera 8.0 MP 5.0 MP 2.0 MP [9.6"] 2.0 MP
[8.0"] 2.0 MP
[7.0"] No Front Camera
(HxWxD, mm)
[10.5”] 249.3 x 164.3 [9.7”] 237.3 x 169.0 x 6.0 [10.1"] 254.2 x 155.3 x 8.2
[8.0"] 208.4 x 137.9 x 7.5
[7.0"] 108.6 x 186.9 x 8.7
[9.6"] 241.9 x 149.5 x 9.6
[8.0"] 212.1 x 126.1 x 8.9
[7.0"] 197.9 x 122.4 x 45.9
RAM Size (GB) [10.5”] 4.0 GB [9.7”] 4.0 GB [10.1"] 2.0 GB
[8.0"] 1.5 GB
[7.0"] 1.5 GB
[9.6"] 1.5 GB
[8.0"] 1.5 GB
[7.0"] 1.0 GB
ROM Size (GB) 64GB + MicroSD (400GB) 32GB + MicroSD (256GB) [10.1"] 16GB + MicroSD (up to 200GB)
[8.0"] 16GB+ MicroSD (up to 128GB)
[7"] 8GB+ MicroSD (up to 200GB)
[9.6"] 16GB + MicroSD (up to 128GB)
[8.0"] 16GB+ MicroSD (up to 128GB)
[7.0"] 8GB+ MicroSD (up to 32GB)
Video Playback Time (Hours) Up to 16h Up to 12h [10.1"] Up to 13h
[8.0"] Up to 12h
[7"] Up to 9h
[9.6"] Up to 12h
[8.0"] Up to 13h
[7.0"] Up to 9h
Audio Playback Time (Hours) Up to 195h Up to 102h [10.1"] Up to 187h
[8.0"] Up to 114h
[7"] Up to 100h
[9.6"] Up to 198h
[8.0"] Up to 117h
[7.0"] Up to 100h
Contents & Services Included S-Pen
Samsung Cloud (15GB)
MS Office preload 100 GB OneDrive
Samsung Cloud (15GB)
MS Office preload 100 GB OneDrive
MS Office preload 100 GB OneDrive Hancom Office
Kids Mode

User memory is less than the total memory due to storage of the operating system and software used to operate the device features. Actual user memory will vary depending on the operator and may change after software upgrades are performed.

With the ideal balance of performance
and style, the Tab S2 is here to
up the tablet game

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Lightweight Design

An ultra-thin build with a comfortable design makes the Tab S2 difficult to put down. The premium design with its sleek edges and metal craftmanship makes everyone take notice.

5.6mm Thin Design, 389g light weight

Super AMOLED Display

The Tab S2 features a Super AMOLED display, so colours are richer, more vivid, and accurate, giving you a brighter, more dynamic picture.

Work On-the-go

Preloaded with Microsoft Office, the Tab S2 doubles as your mobile workplace that lets you store all your files with an additional 100 GB of storage on MS One Drive complimentary for two years.

Expandable Memory

With the ability to add up to 128 GB of memory with a microSD card, your Tab S2 can now house all of your favourite things. Sing along to more songs, play more games, watch more movies, and share more photos.1

Multi-Tasking Evolved

With split screen view, you can multi-task even more. It allows you to have two apps open simultaneously, so you can send a message while watching a video.

1 Memory card sold separately.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the
ultimate family solution

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Designed for Portability

The thin and light Galaxy Tab A was designed with a non-slip back for better portabilty and versatility.

Multi-User Profiles

Multi-User allows you to create different user accounts, allowing you to control which users get access to what content.

More Safe and Secure Kids Mode

Kids mode gives your children access to a more safe and appropriate world of colour and fun, all while knowing your files are better protected.

Multi-tasking Evolved

With split screen view, the Galaxy Tab A lets you open two windows side by side and run two apps simultaneously, so you can enjoy the benefits of doing two things at once.

Expandable Memory

Enjoy more of your favorite music, photos, movies and games on the go with a microSD card that expands your tablet’s memory.1

1 Memory card sold separately.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E offers
endless entertainment options

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Multi-User Profiles

Multi-User allows you to create different user accounts, allowing you to control which users get access to what content.

More Safe and Secure Kids Mode

Kids mode gives your children access to a more safe and appropriate world of colour and fun, all while knowing your files are better protected.

Multi-tasking Evolved

Maximize your time and productivity with the exciting Split Screen View feature, allowing you to work on two apps at the same time.

Expandable Memory

Expand your Galaxy Tab E’s capacity and take your favourite films, music and books with you wherever you go. With compatibility for up to 128 GB of microSD card storage, turn your tablet into a mobile entertainment centre.1

1 Memory card sold separately.

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