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Vitamix Canada designs powerful blenders including the Vitamix Explorian series, Ascent Series, Legacy series, and unique Vitamix accessories

Vitamix makes more than just great smoothies. These powerful blenders are designed to create everything from smoothies to flour and nut butter, and that’s why they’ve been a staple on counters in Canadian kitchens for decades.

A Vitamix blender is so versatile you’ll want to make something new every day. They have the power to create different textures with various ingredients, so you can crush frozen fruit for your smoothie or create a chunky salsa for taco night. With intense horsepower, durable designs, and easy-to-clean containers, your Vitamix will be the best blender you’ve ever owned.

Vitamix Explorian Series

Bring home a blender in the Vitamix Explorain series and you’ll have a blender designed for your day to day life. With a 2 peak output motor and variable speed control, you can choose from 10 different culinary techniques. Pulse, blend, make hot soup, or chop up a chunky salsa; with Vitamix the choices are endless. The Tamper presses food toward the blades, and the stainless steel laser-cut blades are durable and powerful enough to chop whatever you put in the container.

Vitamix Ascent Series

The Vitamix Ascent series includes popular blenders like the Vitamix A2500, Vitamix A2300, and Vitamix A3500. These blenders have a 1.89L BPA-free Tritan containers, 1500 watts of power, a 2.2 horse power peak output motor, and metal drives for maximum durability. You’ll love how easy the touchscreen controls wipe clean, and with variable speed control you’ll be able to make creamy salad dressing or knead thick bread dough.

Vitamix Legacy Series

The Vitamix 750 is a Vitamix Professional series blender that falls under the Legacy series. This powerful blender has an extra-large 64oz BPA-free container that makes its the perfect size for a family. With a 2.2 peak horsepower motor, 16 different speed levels, and 5 programs, the entire family will enjoy using the Vitamix Professional Series 750.

Vitamix Accessories

Looking for smoothie cups or a blender cup for your new Vitamix blender? There is so many different kinds to choose from. Vitamix accessories including Vitamix blending cups, Vitamix blending bowls, and personal size Vitamix smoothie cups. You can also choose different Vitamix blender containers for blending dry grains and liquids.

Choose the best blender from the Vitamix Explorian series, Vitamix Ascent Series, or the Vitamix Legacy series, and bring home the perfect Vitamix blender for you and your family.