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Discover Apple's Must-Have Products

Apple is a technology leader, a computer pioneer that went on, and continues to, disrupt the consumer electronics industry with the iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, AirPods, and more.

Apple products are game-changers

Everything on the Apple products list stands out for premium design, ease of use, best-in-class performance, and thoughtful software design.

Apple’s beginnings as the first mainstream personal computer maker are still reflected in the popular MacBook line and desktop PCs like the iMac. The company is a global leader in consumer electronics after releasing a series of must-have new Apple products, starting with the iPod. Today, the iPhone is the best-selling smartphone line on the planet, the iPad and iPad Pro are the most popular tablets, the Apple Watch has led the smartwatch market since its release, and AirPods Pro dominate wireless earbud sales. In addition, Apple’s custom processing chips lead the industry for their power, performance, and efficiency.

Apple's evolving tech excellence

Apple continually introduces a diverse selection of products and services, maintaining its reputation for innovation in the technology industry. The company's offerings include advanced smartphones, tablets, computers, and accessories that all showcase cutting-edge features and design.

In its ongoing evolution, Apple consistently updates its smartphones and tablets with enhanced features and processors that combine compact design with powerful performance, reflecting its commitment to innovation and catering to a wide range of user needs and preferences.

Do Apple products go on sale?

Although they are popular and always in demand, Apple products go on sale on occasion. Watch your Best Buy Canada flyer for news of sales.

Another way to save money is to choose refurbished Apple products, which can be found at Best Buy. Refurbished Apple products let you pick up the latest Apple technology in like-new condition at substantial savings.

Apple products near me

From computers to earbuds, Apple makes the products that people want. Whether shopping for Apple products as gifts (they’re on many wish lists) or for yourself, you’ll find them all at your local Best Buy store, or Best Buy online.