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Blendtec blenders' sleek design earns a place on your counter — this is one kitchen appliance you don't want to hide.

Blendtec designs powerful, durable, and versatile blenders that make soups, smoothies, ice cream, and can even crush grain

Whether you’re looking for a blender to make icy cold smoothies or you want a small appliance on your counter that can do double duty to make drinks, soups, and ice cream, there’s nothing you can’t blend in a Blendtec. Blendtec Canada has become one of the top experts in the food blending industry thanks to multi-purpose blenders powerful enough for commercial kitchens, but are designed for the home cook.

Why choose a Blendtec blender?

A Blendtec blender is an extremely powerful countertop blender created with technology to save you time and effort when preparing food. When you can make dishes like soup and heat it right in your blender bucket or whip up ice cream you can immediately scoop, you can save a lot of time in the kitchen.

A Blendtec is designed with blunt safety blades that are 10 times stronger than other blades, and they are made from cold-forged, hardened steel to blast through every ingredient. They have a five-sided jar design to force your ingredients toward the blade, and the jars are easy to clean thanks to Safeblade technology.

Blendtec has pre-programmed blend cycles, letting you make everything from a Blendtec smoothie to hot soup or cake batter. With motors so powerful they can spin almost 500 km per hour, you know your blender is up to anything.

The Blendtec warranty

Blendtec blenders are built to outlast every appliance on your countertop. They’re designed to be extremely durable, and because of that they offer one of the longest, most comprehensive warranties you’ll find anywhere.

Blendtec offers an 8 year warranty on new blenders and 3 year warranty on additional accessories like the Blendtec Wildside jar.

Blendtec accessories

You can make the most of your Blendtec with additional accessories. The Blendtec Wildside jar and the Blendtec Mini Wildside jar have a patented 5th side to move ingredients toward the blades, and they’re the perfect size for smoothies for one or drinks for a crowd.

The Blendtec travel bottle will pop on your Blendtec blender, whip up your single serve smoothie, and give you a portable cup to take it on the go.

Blendtec designs blenders that are powerful, durable, and so versatile, you’ll never move your Blendtec off your countertop.