Chatr Wireless

Why chatr

No credit checks. No term contracts. No commitment.

No barriers to sign up, worry-free, with no commitment.

Easy to pause, change or cancel your plan.

Flexible and convenient ways to manage your services – on your terms.

Flat-fee plans with no surprise charges.

Talk, Text and Data plans with no unexpected charges or overage fees.*

Affordable nation-wide plans.

Canada-wide plans that meet your budget and needs, on a reliable network.

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Chatr will connect you without a term contract on a plan that is affordable for one flat fee across the country.

Chatr is a wireless sub-brand owned by Rogers aimed at anyone looking for talk, text and data at an affordable price. There are no credit checks and no term contracts, keeping things simple with monthly plans that are easy to understand and covers the most populated regions in Canada.

How is Chatr different?

With the speed and size of the Rogers wireless network, Chatr leverages that infrastructure to offer a wide coverage area spanning the largest cities and suburban areas from coast to coast. That means talk and text on par with the country’s largest wireless carriers, along with larger data buckets to stay connected at all times.

Chatr is an attractive option for users who want access without having to commit to a long-term agreement. Those who bring their own device, or simply prefer to use a phone that only offers talk and text, are among those the brand caters to most.

What plans and services does Chatr offer?

It largely depends on whether data is part of the plan or not. Most of the plans are nationwide, covering all of the areas across Canada, though there are also province-only options. Some plans offer no data at all, and still others have unlimited nationwide calling and texting, eliminating any long distance charges within the country.

Data service is in 3G, not LTE, like Rogers and Fido, so Chatr doesn’t offer the fastest speeds. The brand’s SIM cards are compatible with the GSM network and use the common 1900 and 850MHz frequency bands. If your phone supports these bands, then you will be able to access the Chatr network without issue.

Which phones does Chatr work with?

With simplicity across the board, the range of Chatr phones are focused on keeping things simple and affordable. The number of devices available from Chatr isn’t the full gamut because the supported bands work with a majority of devices. If you bring your own phone, there is a good chance it will be compatible.

It’s not just smartphones, but also basic flip phones. If a smartphone is too much for your needs, flip phones will work just as well. All devices are available outright, with no term pricing or contract so that you have no commitment beyond choosing the right plan for you.

Bring your own phone or choose one from Chatr to get connected.