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DJI - Next-Level Aerial and Gimbal-Based Imaging

DJI takes photography and video to the skies with its assortment of drones, and on down to the ground with its gimbals, delivering smooth, quality footage throughout. When you need a different vantage point to tell a story, DJI has the tools to make it happen.

DJI drones

Every DJI drone can take to the sky, and there are a variety to choose from. Big or small, these quadcopters aren’t just a joy to fly for the hobbyist and enthusiast, they’re equipped to be stable and steadfast during flight. Fast when you need speed, and steady when you don’t, these are drones worthy of the air.

Aerial photography and videography isn’t easy, yet DJI drones are built to make it feel like they can be. Quality cameras capable of shooting in 4K and 1080p HD resolution, coupled with support for 10-bit HDR at 100Mbps, help capture footage with clarity and dynamic range.

The 3-axis stabilized gimbals enable in-flight camera movement for panoramic vistas in any direction. The better the model, the more features that go with it. That includes active tracking to follow you or a subject, keeping the right things in focus. Advanced piloting systems and sensors help avoid obstacles to maintain a constant line-of-sight.

Smart features and innovative technologies can also extend to using hand gestures to control the drone or take selfies. Powerful remote controllers help keep them steady, even from a distance. Pair with the DJI app, and you can see what the drone sees from your smartphone or tablet.

DJI also makes drones foldable for easier portability, or even small enough to carry in a small case. Spare batteries, rotors and cables can keep them flying longer in case power runs out or drones sustain damage.

DJI gimbals

When you want to shoot smooth footage on the ground or with your own hands, DJI gimbals are ready and able to do the job. The Osmo is among the most renowned for their ability and versatility. When you slot in a smartphone, you can capture video in ways your own hands couldn’t match.

DJI doesn’t leave professional-level tools out of the loop, courtesy of high-end gimbals, like the Ronin, capable of handling DSLR and mirrorless cameras. With that combination, it’s possible to record video or shoot photos from a number of angles, whether you hold it in your hand or prop it up on the ground.

Good footage also comes in small packages, including those that are pocket-sized. Compact and handheld, gimbals like the Osmo Pocket 4K combine a stabilizer with an action camera for quick shoots in a smaller footprint.

DJI cameras

Beyond drones and gimbals, DJI also entered the action camera market to help adventure-seeking users document their experiences. That includes dual screens to better frame yourself every time you set yourself in front of the lens.

A waterproof body and rugged design can handle scenes off the beaten path. Simple controls with advanced features help visualize any environment under varying conditions. The right camera and the right technology are how DJI makes shooting photos and video fun and intuitive.