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Explore Kate Spade’s Elevated Basics

If you’re looking for accessible luxury, then you have to start with Kate Spade. The brand—which is especially popular with women who are just starting to build their luxury wardrobes—is renowned for its bright prints, glitter finishes, and eye-catching prints.

Unlike most big brands today, Kate Spade pieces are uniquely identifiable by any fashionista worth their salt: there’s just something about their well-defined brand identity that makes each piece so Kate Spade.

Kate Spade Phone Cases

Other than Kate Spade’s classic handbags, their phone cases (and especially Kate Spade iPhone cases) are likely the brand’s most popular sector. Phone cases are easy to choose and to swap out, so each one isn’t as big of a commitment as a Kate Spade purse… But still lets you carry a small piece of the brand with you at all times. While you might keep just one Kate Spade bag or laptop sleeve in your closet at a time, it’s easy to swap between a few favourite phone cases each season.

Kate Spade iPhone X cases, along with other popular models of the moment, uplift your mood in the same way that one of their roomy tote bags or pleated skirts would. A Kate Spade fitted hard shell case is an easy way to add drop protection for all sides of your phone, as the brand’s designs feature a raised bumper to even add impact protection for your screen. Other models perk up your phone with a sleek folio case, a swath of Saffiano leather, or even a hybrid hard shell case for the truly accident-prone among us.

For a look that’s an iconic Kate, choose a smartphone case with the brand’s big, bold stripes, or one of their their translucent-and-floral designs.

Kate Spade Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

While Kate Spade’s phone cases are all about the stripes, their sunglasses focus on a different print: tortoiseshell. Paired with a thick acetate frame and Kate’s gold spade logo at the temple, a pair of Kate Spade frames are a great way to pull all of someone’s attention to your eyes. Kate Spade eyewear is a simple, stylish alternative that’s just a little more whimsical than your last pair.

Kate Spade Perfume

Kate Spade accessories are an easy way to start transitioning your wardrobe into the territory of luxury fashion, and their perfumes can help. Perfect for younger girls and flighty fashionistas, flaçons of scents like Live Colorfully, Walk on Air, and In Full Bloom help set the tone for your day.

These romantic, fruit and floral-filled scents compliment your outfit without even a stitch of added bulk, letting you step into the Kate Spade world of whimsy.