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Get Shopping for Cyber Monday

Back when Black Friday was evolving into one of the biggest sale days of the year, it was noticed that a lot of people were also jumping online the following Monday to do even more shopping. That’s how Cyber Monday deals came to be.

Is Cyber Monday better than black Friday? It definitely can be. Whether you’re looking for Cyber Monday laptop deals you couldn’t find on Black Friday or you need a few more items to finish off your holiday gift list, you’ll find great Best Buy Cyber Monday deals on gifts that’ll make their eyes light up.

Cyber Monday deals on laptops and tablets

Laptops and tablets are kind of like the digital version of a Swiss Army Knife because you can use them for so many purposes. You can save big when you score Cyber Monday laptop deals so you can take on all your work tasks or school assignments with ease. You’ll find Apple deals on Cyber Monday so you can pick up a MacBook. You can also pick up a pair of Airpods on Cyber Monday when they are on sale before the holidays.

If you prefer Android, there are also Chromebook that are perfect for productivity. If you’re into gaming you can choose a gaming laptop with the horsepower you need to run the latest games, and you can also increase your screen real estate by hooking up an external monitor. If you love tablets, you’ll find Cyber Monday iPads on sale. The Apple iPad is perfect for both creative tasks and having fun, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Play your way with video game consoles

It’s no wonder why so many people like to play video games—because they’re fun! Check out the Cyber Monday deals on the latest video game consoles like the Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series X or Series S, and Nintendo Switch. If you’re aiming to spend a little less, you can still choose from a huge variety of amazing games on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

4K and 8K TVs: bigger and better

If it’s time to upgrade your current TV, you’ll want to check out the Cyber Monday TV deals and find out what 4K TVs and 8K TVs have to offer. You’ll love how these newer TVs come in large sizes, but the main reason you’ll want to upgrade is the spectacular resolution and picture quality, augmented by cutting edge technologies like HDR and OLED. These newer TVs make video games look more vivid and immersive than ever, and movies are so sharp and clear it’s like you’re looking at the action through a window.

Live better with wearable technology

Apple once referred to the Apple Watch as “the most personal device ever,” which rings true for most wearable technology products. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa can serve lots of useful functions such as fitness tracking, heart rate measurements, sleep tracking, message notifications, communication, contactless payment, and more. Virtual reality (VR) headsets are a form of wearable technology that create an incredible level of immersion you need to experience to believe. No matter which you prefer, you’ll find Cyber Monday deals on Apple, VR, and more.

Show your home some love with new appliances

When you shop Cyber Monday deals you can take your meals and beverages to a higher level with new small appliances like an air fryer, espresso or coffee machine, or blender. Spending a lot of time at home? You’ll appreciate appliances like air purifiers and humidifiers that can help you breathe easier and vacuums that make it easier to keep your home clean. If it’s time to upgrade a major appliance like the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, or fridge, make sure you check for any great Cyber Monday deals before making a purchasing decision. You can see demo models of major appliances and save by finding stores that participate in Cyber Monday.

More ways to save

Best Buy Cyber Monday deals are one of the best opportunities to take advantage of amazing offers during the holiday season, but it’s not the final one. When the holiday festivities are over, don’t forget to check out the Boxing Day Sale for even more incredible deals.

Check out deals every day at Best Buy

Cyber Monday is a once-a-year event, but you don’t have to wait 364 days for it to come around again because Best Buy has top deals every day. You’ll be thrilled when you see how often new items go on sale at the Best Buy top deals page, and you can score huge savings on laptops, desktops, TVs, computer monitors, and much more. You can also check out the latest just-released tech and experience the thrill of upgrading to a brand-new device. If you check back often you may even find one of the newest must-have devices on sale.

There’s a little bit of everything when you shop the top deals and latest tech pages, and if you’d like to be in loop for new pre-sales, the hottest deals, and exclusive events, just sign up and you’ll always know when they happen.