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Get brewing with Keurig

From humble beginnings when it was founded in Boston in 1992 to now being the third-largest beverage company in North America as part of Keurig Dr Pepper, Keurig has become synonymous with single-serve coffee makers. The company started offering its machines and K-Cup pods, to the office market in 1998, then expanded to home-based units in 2004. Today, Keurig offers a variety of machines that make single-serve coffee, tea, cocoa, dairy-based beverages, lemonade, cider, and fruit-based drinks from K-cups as well as dual-function models that can use coffee grounds and a carafe for full pots, too. There are more than 400 varieties of K-cups from Keurig and its licensed partners as well as reusable pods. Keurig beverage brewing systems are hugely popular, and there's a model to suit every need.

Keurig Single Serve coffee makers

At the heart of Keurig's line-up is its wide selection of single serve coffee makers that accommodate K-cups along with a reservoir to hold water for multiple cups of coffee or other hot beverages. Typically finished in black or silver, though other colours are available, too, they pour out cups of different sizes, filling everything from a 6-ounce coffee cup to a large travel mug. Some models even let you adjust the brew strength.

For fancier drinks like cappuccino, lattes, and more, there are machines like the Keurig K-Café, which delivers single serve cups of coffee but also has a built-in frother for steaming milk to pour on top.

There are narrow models that are ideal for those with limited space, like in a small apartment or dorm. Larger models, meanwhile, can hold enough water for everyone in a large family to pour their morning java without needing to refill the water reservoir every time.

Keurig Single Serve and Carafe coffee makers

Instead of choosing between single serve and full pot brews of coffee, Keurig has machines like the Keurig K-Duo, which combines both a single serve coffee maker on the right and a carafe on the left. This way, you can make individual brews as desired with K-cups or switch to coffee grounds and filters to brew an entire pot when you have guests over, or everyone wants the same coffee.

These effectively combine two machines in one without taking up much more space than a traditional larger single serve Keurig machine.

The Keurig K-Duo Plus is even more compact. It stacks a K-cup section overtop a carafe so you can get either a full pot using grounds and a filter or single serve via a pod, all from the same spot, while still using minimal counterspace.

Keurig coffee maker accessories

In addition to the coffee makers themselves, Keurig also offers a wide range of accessories that can be used with its machines, like milk frothers, reusable coffee filters, and large boxes of K-cup pods in various flavours.

Keurig also offers organizational accessories for housing its wide range of K-cups, from carousels and storage towers to pull-out drawers that can conveniently fit under the machine.

Additionally, Keurig has its own branded line of cleaning products to keep the machines in pristine condition, like descaling solution. A full three-month brewer maintenance kit has everything you need to avoid limescale and chlorine build-up, thus helping to extend the life of the machine and ensuring your brews taste delicious every time.

Keurig can meet all your coffee needs through its variety of machines that focus on single serve so everyone in the family can get a brew that suits their tastes. But Keurig also has machines with carafes for brewing pots using your favourite grounds when serving coffee and dessert to guests. With a long history in the business and tons of variety in both its machines and the types of drinks you can make in them, Keurig has you covered, from your morning pick-me-up to your late-night cuppa.