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Bring immersive audio to your home with Onkyo, the premium audio brand renowned for its receivers, home theatre systems, speakers and stereo components

Japan’s Onkyo has been designing high quality home stereo equipment for over 70 years, starting with turntable components and speakers.

Always designed to be the best, Onkyo products have been winning accolades for decades. Highlights include the ED-100 speakers first released in 1948, one of the world’s first component stereo systems in 1958, the industry leading Integra amplifier series starting in 1969, 1973’s CP-80M record player, the classic M series of Onkyo speakers starting in 1975, the world’s first high speed dual cassette deck in 1981, the world’s first CD player with optical output in 1985, the world’s first THX-certified A/V receiver in 1993, the world’s first THX-certified home theatre package, and the world’s first Dolby Atmos certified home theatre package in 2014.

Along the way, Onkyo (and Canadian distributor Onkyo Canada) has collected hundreds of awards from leading industry publications.

Onkyo Receivers

An Onkyo receiver is the heart of any home’s audio system, and incorporates the latest audio technology such as Dolby Atmos, DTS Virtual:X, and THX certification. Whether you choose an A/V receiver with multi-channel surround sound and 4K Ultra HD support, or a powerful Onkyo stereo receiver with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you know you’re getting the best.

A powerful Onkyo amplifier is the ideal way to drive a world-class music listening system. Pair it with a turntable, CD player and speakers to enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard.

Onkyo Speakers

One of the first products released by the company were the ED-100 speakers, and Onkyo has continued to build on its legacy of designing speakers that deliver an incredible listening experience. From floor standing stereo speakers to multi-speaker home theatre setups with Dolby Atmos 3D support and thundering bass, Onkyo speakers remain an audiophile (and cinephile) favourite.

Best-in-Class Home Theatre Systems

Onkyo’s long history of producing high quality audio components, along with early partnerships with industry leaders like THX and Dolby come together in your living room. An Onkyo home theatre system has everything needed for the ultimate cinematic experience in one package: an Onkyo receiver along with perfectly matched speakers and an Onkyo subwoofer.

From 5.1 channel surround sound, to advanced Dolby Atmos 3D audio, there’s an Onkyo home theatre system to meet your needs.

Looking for a compact yet high performance mini Hi-Fi stereo system for a small space? Onkyo offers these as well, complete with a high quality Onkyo stereo receiver, integrated CD player and bookshelf speakers.

Onkyo Turntables

Onkyo’s first product was a record player component and the company earned a reputation for producing some of the finest turntables of the 1970s. So it’s only fitting that with vinyl enjoying a resurgence, you can still count on Onkyo to make your records sound their best with turntables like the award-winning CP-1050.

If audio is important to you, equip your home with the best in Hi-Fi and home theatre audio, with Onkyo.